We are often used to with seeing different colors of vegetables and fruits around us. But have you ever wondered what can be the possible reason behind such differences in colors in all those vegetables and fruits? Well, if you didn’t know, the answer is anthocyanidin. Anthocyanidins are not only useful in coloring up vegetables and fruits. Apart from that, they are equally handy when it comes to the health benefits. The anthocyanidin is known as a very good anti-oxidant which can be very useful when it comes to reducing stress. So, before you choose to take anthocyanidin, it is very important to find the right sources. If you are looking for proper sources which can supply proper antioxidant in your body, then you have landed on the right place. The rich sources of anthocyanidin are mentioned below.

Rich Sources of Anthocyanidin


Blueberries are known for its high nutrients qualities and at the same time, it contains low calories as well. That means the sugar level in your blood won’t get decreased and at the same time, you won’t gain unnecessary weights due to the consumption of blueberries. Apart from being a rich source of anthocyanidin, blueberries also contain some necessary vitamin which can be essential for your body. If you have recently suffered from a disease, then blueberries can be very beneficial for you. It will help to get the cell structures back on track. There are some other advantages of blueberries as well. With the help of blueberries, you can fight cancer and problems like anti-aging. Therefore, if you are looking for a rich source of anthocyanidin which can work as an anti-oxidant, then blueberries definitely should be on your list.


Just like Blueberries, Grapes are also a very rich source of antioxidant. Both of the green and black grapes contain anti-oxidant. The antioxidant which is present in grapes is very effective against cancer. It can generally slow down the progression of lung, pancreatic, mouth, endometrial cancer. Apart from slowing down the progression of cancer, it can be very effective when it comes to heart treatments. There are a lot of people who are suffering from cholesterol nowadays. And if the level of bad cholesterol it can certainly damage the functions of your heart. But if you take both the black and green grapes regularly then with the proper amount of anti-oxidant, the amount of bad cholesterol certainly can be controlled.


Cranberries are generally known for its sour test. But along with that, there are plenty of health-related benefits which are associated with cranberries. Generally, the cranberries are used to treat the Urinary Tract Infections. But there are some other benefits too. Cranberries are used to treat the cardiovascular disease and cancer. As cranberries are a rich source of an antioxidant it can stop the growth of cancer. Generally, cranberries are very effective against the colon cancer.


Just like the aforementioned source of anthocyanidins, blackberries are also very much effective against cancer. But generally, blackberries are popular for other reasons. The antioxidant which is present in the Blackberry helps to improve the function of the brain. Therefore, anybody who is consuming blackberries properly can have a properly functioning brain. Blackberries can reduce the inflammation and at the same time, it can be effective against infections as well. Apart from fighting the infections, it can boost the immunity as well. That is why you, you definitely should take blackberries if you have not started to take it yet.

Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage is generally known for being a rich source of Vitamins. Generally, a good red cabbage contains Vitamin C and Vitamin K. But, apart from vitamins, red cabbage can be a good source of anti-oxidants as well. Generally, red cabbage is in the diet list of patients who are fighting cancer. To be precise, red cabbage can be used to stop the progression of breast cancer. About 62 percent of people who are suffering from breast cancer in the U.S.A include the red cabbage in their diet.

Red Onions

Red onions are generally famous for increasing the immunity power of the body. When the immunity power of the body gets boosted up, then you suffer from less of diseases and at the same time, your body remains fit and healthy.

Anthocyanidins: The Common Sources of the Magic Herb Which You Didn’t Know About

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