The usage of Mulberry leaf extract contains certain beneficial facts which cannot be denied.

The Mulberry leaves are basically used in countries like China, Korea, Japan to feed the silk worms which was a traditional practice. But in modern days, scientists have proved that these petty mulberry leaves contain a great medicinal values.

Here are few facts which have been witnessed by few scientists in their medical observation with this MULBERRY LEAF EXTRACT.

  • The glucose rich mulberry plants to treat diabetes:

Initially some chemical compounds from the mulberry plants have been discovered by few scientists. At first it was found that the roots of the mulberry plants contain a chemical compound called DEOXYNOJIRIMYCIN. It is a kind of AZ sugar which helps in maintaining the blood sugar level. Another one chemical compound called DNJ which is found especially in the leaves and fruits of the mulberry plant aids in controlling the glucose level in the blood without giving a sudden rise. These two glucose compounds also play a vital role in delaying the symptoms of diabetes otherwise it can be assured that they can be used in completely preventing the diabetes symptoms.

  • The Best supplement for type-2 Diabetic patients:

The Mulberry leaf botanically known as MOCUS INDICA is a “MIRACLE PRODUCT” which inhibits the postprandial blood glucose level. It is also an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor which improves the blood glucose control as well as the level of blood lipids. The Type 2 diabetic patients whose pancreas finds difficult to make enough amount of insulin are immensely aided by this mulberry extract to find a hope of cure, even they are suffering from a life-time disorder. It is apt to call it a TRADITIONAL MEDICINE in treating diabetes .This extract also reduces the blood glucose in normal rates and also the rates with diabetes induced by streptozotocin or alloxan.

  • Other healthy benefits that can accomplished:

Cholesterol is a world- wide troubling factor for many people which becomes a major cause for various other diseases. Many try to burn out their excess fats by toiling hard by doing a lot of work outs and also trying to uphold some diet charts but nothing is going right. The best advice for them will be to try this super beneficial MULBERRY LEAF EXTRACT. Not only cholesterols are cut down with this miracle product but also blood pressure, common cold, joint pain, hair loss can also be put under control. The major risky defect of ARTERIAL PLAQUE which gives rise to heart attacks and also strokes can also be beaten if one trusts in the effect of mulberry extracts. The LDL or the Bad cholesterol is reduced in amount in one’s body by increasing the blood circulation.

  • The Nutritious value rich extract which can be used in treating some deficiencies too:

The Mulberry leaf extract is Caffeine free which contains 28% of protein and also it is rich in calcium which is 25 times more than the amount of calcium which is present in milk. The Iron content is also rich comparatively with spinach which is 2.5 times lower to that of the extract. Amino acids which are present in the extracts greatly induce weight loss and also in reducing cholesterol. GABA content in the amino acids help in maintaining an accurate level of one’s body weight.

  • Side-effects that should be kept in mind to prevent further complications while medication period:

This extract should be avoided intake during the time of pregnancy or during the period of breast-feeding. Intake of this extract at the normal blood glucose rate must be prevented as it might cause too much lowering of blood sugar level resulting in dehydration.



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