Pharmaceutical action Means of plant origin, has adaptogenic, metabolic, bio-stimulating, antiemetic, tonic effect, stimulates appetite. The pharmacological activity is due to the content of Ginsenoside Saponin glycosides (panaxosides A and B, panacvilon, panaxin), essential and fatty oils, sterols, peptides, vitamins and minerals. Stimulates the central nervous system, reducing general weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, increases blood pressure, mental and physical performance; stimulates sexual function. Reduces cholesterol and glucose in the blood, activates the activity of the adrenal glands.

It is anti-carcinogenic, antidepressant, supports memory function, is anti-stress, a good aphrodisiac and also supports muscle-building training

The Panax Ginseng is a perennial herb also known as Asian or Korean ginseng; This herb is well tolerated, although it should not be taken with some medications such as warfarin, insulin and exogenous substances; in fact Panax Ginseng extract is an adaptogen that is defined as an agent to increase the resistance to biological agents, chemicals and physical stress, being the most used and studied species of ginseng.

Some known properties

  • As anti-wrinkle: It contains rejuvenating and stimulating properties that help to calm the nerves, increase the resistance and accelerate the healing of wounds.
  • As an anticancer: It could increase the immune cells and some chemical elements to fight cancer in the body, such as interleukin-2, and with scientific basis according to a study conducted.
  • As an antidepressant: It could balance the body’s response to stress; intervenes in the maintenance of neurotransmitters involved in depression, improve mood, motivation and increase weight loss.
  • For memory: It also helps to increase energy levels and help in concentration.
  • For diabetics: It not only improves insulin release but increases insulin receptors in body tissues. In addition to improving mental concentration, and helping coordination, for ginseng diabetics, can reduce blood sugar.
  • It helps in the regulation of adrenal hormones, the body’s response to stress and brain chemistry.
  • Normalizes reactions to mental, physical and emotional stress.

It helps reduce anxiety, temper the liver and improve the digestive system, stimulating the detoxification of the liver and increasing the body’s resistance to colds and flu.

And as an aphrodisiac, increases male sexual desire by up to 60% helping to achieve an erection; these two factors positively affect man’s interest in sex. The Panax Ginseng extract increases sperm count, helps the growth of the testes and raises testosterone levels, according to some prestigious study.

Increase insulin sensitivity

The Panax Ginseng has been around for years and since recently has been added to some drinks and recent research highlighted that it increases insulin sensitivity. There were two double-blind, placebo-controlled studies conducted by English researchers.

One study examined placebo compared to 200mg and 400mg doses of Panax Ginseng. The second study compared placebo versus ginseng and saccharin. After 9 hours of taking Panax Ginseng, they measured their blood glucose levels.

It was found that those treated with fasting Ginseng had much lower levels of blood sugar. This is great news for bodybuilders because Panax Ginseng extract lowers glucose levels which directly implies the increase in insulin sensitivity.

More sensitivity to insulin, in the long term leads to a better re-composition of the body resulting in muscle mass gains and fat loss. Ginseng refers to shade plants, because does not tolerate sunlight. It usually grows in a cold climate in dense forests, on the slopes of mountains. In medicine, used leaves, berries and ginseng roots. The greatest value for medical use have ginseng roots, because they have the ability to accumulate nutrients in large quantities. Therefore, ginseng is produced from the root in granules, capsules, syrups and other forms of preparations.

Libido: Does panax ginseng have any virtues regarding sexuality?

This is one of the benefits and uses of the most famous panax ginseng. Ginseng is a natural aphrodisiac on the libido and helps fight against erectile dysfunction. Improving sexual function and libido in menopausal women would also be likely thanks to the effects of Panax Ginseng. However, even if laboratory tests have been performed, it is still impossible to prove these properties at 100%.

However, it has already been proved that:

  • Ginseng has an influence on hypercholesterolemia (bad cholesterol) that affects male erection.
  • Stress is also reduced in people consuming ginseng. We know that stress is intimately linked to libido and sexuality.
  • Ginseng is a stimulant that influences the overall energy of a person

Thus, directly or indirectly, ginseng has a positive influence on the libido.



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