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Hyaluronic Acid: The Salient Benefits Outlined for the Dummies There are many people who spend their hard-earned money on harmful beauty products unknowingly. Of course, flashy advertisements of these pharmaceutical companies play a big role in convincing the customers. Hyaluronic acid is something that is quite an unsung hero in the world of skincare products. […]

Silymarin: Your guide to buying the extract of Milk Thistle Our lifestyle has changed so much over the years that eating healthy is not merely enough. We stress a lot about including antioxidants in our daily diet so that toxins can be flushed out easily. But in addition to the foods we consume, taking supplements […]

Red Yeast Rice Powder: A Beginner’s Guide The other day I met up with a school buddy, and we chatted for long hours about how age has taken a toll on our health. It’s incredible how he spoke at length about his dangerous cholesterol levels and decided to go the ‘red yeast rice powder’ way. […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Kudzu Root Extract With Pueraria lobata being its botanical name, kudzu root extract has always been a mystery herb for many westerners. While there have been beliefs and disbeliefs and several different contrasting views, the herb has been able to reach beyond the Chinese geopolitical borders to become a […]

Explore the beautiful you with Hyaluronic Acid The world of beauty products keeps expanding by the day; to the extent that the endless number of skincare commodities with their mixed ingredients confuses the general customer. While we most often pile up unessential but trendy items just to conform to the set standards of ‘beautiful’, little […]

You can benefit from Icariin. Most men have become increasingly aware of the potential benefits of high-strength icariin in their marital life. Many people admit without hesitation that they increase sexual health by taking icariin. But what exactly is it? Why did it cause a commotion? The Past and Present Epidemium (popular as Horny Goat Weed) […]

Quality Herb Puerarin or Kudzu Root Extract Finding Acceptance in Biopharmaceuticals Quality Herb, an internationally recognized Chinese research and development institute that produces Chinese alternative medicines, has recently started selling their Puerarin-based medicine online. China, 27th July Quality Herb, a leading China-based research and development institute that has found inroads into the alternative medicine research […]

Quality Herb Releases Two New Plant Extracts Red yeast rice powder and horny goat weed extract are now available Xuancheng, Anhui, May 22, 2016– Quality Herb is happy to announce the introduction of two new plant extracts in the form of red yeast rice powder and horny goat weed extract. These two new extracts are joining a large family of her-based […]

Quality Herb Packaged Chinese Bilberry Extracts with Antioxidant Activities Now Available Online Quality Herb, a reputable China-based institution for research and development of traditional medicines, recently launched Bilberry extracts with antioxidant activities. China, 27 July Quality Herb, a reputable manufacturer of Chinese traditional medicine, recently launched Bilberry extract-based medicine that has great anti-oxidant activities. The […]