Soy lecithin is a form that is derived from raw soybeans using a chemical solvent such as hexane. The oil extract is processed to extract lecithin from other byproducts and after that, lecithin drying takes place. It is the most common food additive currently on the market.

There are several benefits of Lecithin powder:

  • For physical and mental stress handling

Soy lecithin has phosphatidylserine which is an important phospholipid that is known to influence stress hormones. Researchers speculate that phosphatidylserine works with phosphatidic acid which is present in soy lecithin. It offers stress dampening effect on the human body. There is another study that suggests that soy lecithin can be a natural treatment for stress-related health conditions. People with high choline intake including regular soy lecithin experienced low physical and mental stress levels. As such, they have better memory performance and reduced dementia impacts. The intake of this powder improvises work efficiency and brings better results in their performance whether they are at home or in the office. The challenging situation of the present scenario makes everyone stressed and exhausted which can only be tackled by adding some quality to their meal.

  • Menopause symptom relief

Several studies tell soy lecithin supplement intake can offer significant menopause symptom relief. It is found to boost vigor, improve arterial stiffness, and control blood pressure levels to normal. In a study, some women aged from 40 to 60 were used as research samples to establish if soy lecithin supplements were capable of improving fatigue symptoms among menopausal women. In this, some of them were put on a soy lecithin supplement regime and the rest on placebo. After the trial period, researchers found out that the women who took lecithin supplements had better arterial stiffness. Thus, the effective results of including soy lecithin in their diet have provided them great relief and help them to live a healthy and happy life.

  • Prevents breast cancer

Soy lecithin is effective in preventing breast cancer and lecithin supplement use can attribute to reduced breast cancer risk. The researchers noted reduced breast cancer incidences among postmenopausal women who consumed soy lecithin supplements in the trial period.

Cancer reduction potential by lecithin is possible because soy lecithin contains phosphatidylcholine. Upon digestion, phosphatidylcholine changes to choline which plays a crucial role in reducing cancer risk. Many women get affected by the disastrous impact of breast cancer in their life and sometimes, it is not diagnosed at an early stage which hurts their life. However, more soy lecithin and breast cancer research are needed to assure that soy lecithin brings an effective natural treatment for breast cancer.

  • Provides moisturization to the skin

Who does not like to have beautiful and radiant skin? The answer is known. The usage of Soy lecithin capsules can help to improve the skin complexion. It is an effective natural remedy for eczema and acne because of its hydration property. There is no doubt that soy lecithin is a key ingredient in skincare products. Many Beauty products companies use soy lecithin to make their product effective in usage. It also makes the skin free from any kind of disorder.

  • Improves immunity

There are some studies carried out on animals to evaluate the impact of soy lecithin to boost immune function. Daily intake of soy lecithin supplements can help the white blood cells in their fight against pathogens in the bloodstream. It is very important to keep working on enhancing the immunity system of the body. The body which has more stamina to fight the bacteria and germs present in the environment can only survive and easily adapt to the changing environment. It makes your body fit for all kinds of environments. Thus, its inclusion is important in everyday meals to increase the immunity to live longer.

Lecithin is the body’s main source of phosphatidylcholine, a phospholipid high in the essential nutrient choline. Choline is known to support nervous system health, aids in cholesterol metabolism, and gives cell membranes the required structure and flexibility. Commercially available lecithin powder is derived from soybeans and provides some health and culinary benefits. Besides its dietary supplement, lecithin powder can function as a lower-fat alternative in baked goods. You must consult your doctor before consuming lecithin powder.