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Benefits And Side Effects Of Cordyceps Mycelia Powder Cordyceps Mycelia Powder also named Fermentation Cordyceps Cs-4 powder. The Cordyceps is a fungi genus, including around 600 species. Mycelium is fungi that replace the host tissues when the cordyceps fungus attacks the host. On the other hand, the mushroom sprouted by mycelium are edible and provide various […]

What do You need To Know About Cordyceps Mycelia Powder? Cordyceps is a medicinal herb from mushrooms. The Cordyceps mycelia were used way back a long time ago in traditional Chinese medicines. Cordyceps is nowadays available as a dietary supplement. Cordyceps mycelia provide various health benefits and also has a few side effects. It can […]

Cordyceps Improves the Body’s Immunity Making you Feel Better Cordyceps is a type of parasitic fungi and it’s found on the larvae of certain insects. This parasite is issued in traditional Chinese medicine to treat fatigue and kidney disease. It also helps in enhancing sex drive and thus you can now enjoy life in your […]