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Luo Han Guo Extract- Everything That You Need To Know About Them! Luo Han Guo Extract is a traditional Chinese medicine used by people for several different purposes. There are several health benefits that you can experience from that. It is also known as the Monk Fruit and Momordica Grosvenorii; it comes from the food […]

The monk fruit is a herbaceous vine of the gourd family that is native to Northern Thailand and Southern China. Locally known as luo han guo, its extract is said to be in use for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural remedy for common afflictions. The name ‘monk fruit’ came from the myth […]

What is monk fruit juice concentrate and how does it work? Monk fruit juice concentrate is made from the monk fruit which is sweet also recognized as luo han guo, the common name is Siraitia grosvenorii. Monk fruit is small round in shape and native to southern China. This fruit has been used as a medicine for […]

Monk fruit is found in southern China. It was first cultivated by the monks and hence it is called the monk fruit. This has been used for ages in traditional Chinese medicine. This is one thing that many people who like to have sugar-free stuff prefer to have. If you cannot get monk fruit then […]