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Paeoniflorin, a white peony root component, has shown inhibition of in vitro testosterone synthesis without influencing estradiol synthesis. This decreases the ovaries ‘ production of testosterone, but not the adrenal glands. Oral administration of a mixture of white peony and licorice in an ovariectomized experiment raised the accumulation of DHEA and serum estrogen. It functions […]

Peony is an assembly. The drug is extracted from the root and, less generally, the herb and egg. Peony is sometimes referred to as red peony or white peony. This does not apply to the yellow, red, purple, or white color of the bulbs, but the hue of the root being handled. Peony is used […]

Premenstrual syndrome affects almost more than seventy percent of women in the United States and comparatively less for women living in Southeast Asia. The reason being, there is a huge difference in their life style.  It is considered as a defective function of the ovaries pertaining to the women’s monthly menstrual cycle, it significantly affects […]

Peony trees are pretty common in different Asian countries. Generally, it can be seen in different parts of China, Japan and other Asian countries. Apart from the Asian countries, it can be also seen in different parts of the Europe too. Therefore, it is understandable that peony trees are apretty common thing. Peony trees can […]

Chinese herbal medicines have a very significant impact on the evolution of medical science. There are many herbs which played a very important role, in the reputation of Chinese Herbal Medicines.  Well, Peony root is also part of such Chinese herbs. Though it is a part of the traditional Chinese herbal medicines, this tree can […]

White Peony Extract: Wonder facts that you didn’t know about The White Peony root belongs to the class of Paeonia Lactiflora Pall. They are a perennial herbal plant belonging to the Ranunculaceae family. This type of root is widely cultivated throughout China. The major production areas are Zhejiang, Sichuan, and Anhui. Some other areas where […]