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Peanuts have a calming effect with increased nervous excitability, helps with insomnia, restores the loss of strength, and increases the sexual potency of men and women. Peanut butter is often used to treat purulent and difficult-to-heal wounds. Peanuts contain a whole range of vitamins – A, group B, D, E, PP. It is rich in […]

Introduce: Botanical name: Arachis hypogaea L. Used part: Skin or Coat. Other names: peanut skin extracts (PSE), Peanut skin phenolic extract, Peanut Extract Powder Qherb company specification: Peanut skin extract 80% Polyphenols Peanut coat extract 95% Proanthocyanidin There are also peanut shell extracts Luteolin 98%, Peanut water-soluble extract, peanut butter extract, and peanut oil on the market. Active ingredients: […]