Astragaloside IV

A plant, namely, Astragalus membranaceus has created a great buzz because of its numerous benefits. It is still being studied by many in order to churn out the best benefits of this root. This plant root is oozing with a variety of benefits like an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, comprehensive range of antioxidant, anti-aging and disease-fighting properties. […]


For many of you, Anthocyanins would be a new word. Anthocyanins exactly are the pigment compounds due to which fruits and vegetables get red, purple and blue shades. It seems essential to mention that it is being found in each plant source but the amount varies in proportion, chemical structure, and concentration. The introduction does […]


Today’s prescription medicines are causing alarm among concerned users and with those friends and family members close to the users. With the recent notice that Darvocet can cause serious after effects, including heart disease, more and more consumers are considering the benefits of alternative medicine and holistic therapies. The alternative medicines treat a wide range […]

Kudzu Root Extract

When it comes to one of the oldest Chinese herbs in the world kudzu root is surely considered as one of them.  These Chinese herbs have its importance since the time of 200 B.C.  Therefore, it is understandable kudzu root holds a very significant importance in the Chinese herbal medicines.  The best thing isdifferent parts […]


With so many things losing stability in our day to day life, we need some good balance that can help us maintain the normalcy of our life. Just talking about increased stress and strains of our daily lives will not help; we have to take some concrete action to curb the imbalance. This homeostasis can […]

Pueraria Isoflavones

Essentially much famed as an effective herb in Chinese Region, Pueraria Isoflavones are meant to be the root of Lobata Plant. It is the efficient power of the medicine that isoflavones are considered as the main ingredient with widespread consumption beyond China such as Japan, United States and even parts of Europe. Majorly famed as […]

White Peony Extract

Peony trees are pretty common in different Asian countries. Generally, it can be seen in different parts of China, Japan and other Asian countries. Apart from the Asian countries, it can be also seen in different parts of the Europe too. Therefore, it is understandable that peony trees are apretty common thing. Peony trees can […]

red yeast rice powder

The red yeast rice powder has been there in the Chinese traditional medicine for a long period of time now. At first, it was not used as a medicine. Generally, it was used in order to preserve the foods and at the same time, it was also used as an added colour as well. But […]

If you have a garden in your home, then you know that a Marigold flower is very common in your garden.  You will be glad to know that marigold flowers come with some interesting health benefits.  However, not all marigold flowers offer health benefits. Generally, the calendula variation of the marigold flower offers some significant […]

China wolfberry extract

China wolfberries are also known as the goji berries. It is typically found in different northern and southern parts of the China. These Goji berries are playing a very important role in the Chinese herbal medicines for a long time now. Apart from its medicinal value, the goji berries also have some nutritional values as […]


It is a known fact that the modern day medical science has evolved a long way since last century.  But when there was no modern day medical equipment, the treatment was mostly dependent on herbal medicines.  When it comes to the herbal medicines, Salicin can be considered as one of them. Salicin can be extracted […]

peony root extract

Chinese herbal medicines have a very significant impact on the evolution of medical science. There are many herbs which played a very important role, in the reputation of Chinese Herbal Medicines.  Well, Peony root is also part of such Chinese herbs. Though it is a part of the traditional Chinese herbal medicines, this tree can […]

Polygonum CusPldatum Extract

Japanese knotweeds extract which is also known as Polygonum cusPldatum extract is an ideal source of Resveratrol. This Polygonum cusPldatum extract has plenty of health benefits and it is serving the herbal medicines of China and Japan for a long period of time. Generally, the Japanese Knotweed can be found in the Asian countries like […]

herb extract

Herbal medicines have played a very important role since the early dawn of the human civilization. Back in that time, there was no glimpse of the modern day medical science, but still, people used to get treatment for their diseases. Most of the treatment was based on the herbal medicines and interestingly those herbal medicines […]