Schisandra chinensis extract

Research suggests that schizandra can improve work performance, increase endurance and help reduce fatigue. The schizandra (wu-wei-zi), known in China as “the herb of five flavors” because of the characteristic bitter and somewhat salty taste of its berries. Although also related in the medical by the five organs that protects of the body. It has […]

Dandelion root extracts

The dandelion root or rhizome is rich in bitter active ingredients, such as leaves that are eaten as a salad or prepared as a tisane. Its common name is “Lion’s Tooth”. The name dandelion already indicates diuretic properties. It has been used as a healer and preventive of diseases for centuries. Today it is one […]

Astragaloside IV

Astragalus emerges first at the fingertip when it comes to best immune regulating substance. It is a great herb and quite good to make immune system stronger. A variety of things are used to make Astragalus including flavonoids amino acids, trace elements, triterpene glycosides, polysaccharides, and various other components. Many studies have been done in […]


Anthocyanin is regarded as “Super food” and that are numerous reasons behind it. Many studies have been done and they all prove that it targets various health related benefits. Experts also advise to add the fruits and vegetables having Anthocyanin in diet to stay fit and healthy longer. Brief About Anthocyanins – Anthocyanins are water-soluble […]

Dong Quai Extracts

Family: Apiaceae (Parsley Family) Description: Dong Quai is a perennial, small sized plant that grows up to three feet in height. It is found in the high altitude regions of Japan and China. It grows best in damp and cold areas and produces small clusters of white flowers. Parts Used: Root Energetics: Pungent, Sweet, Bitter, […]

Pueraria Lobata powder

Also famed as Kudzu, Pueraria Lobata Root Extract is a traditional Chinese medicine that works wonder as a health preservation agent. Active in fighting the post-menopausal stage and associated comorbidities, this herb is quite a common intake in the mainland China and certain parts of Japan too. In fact, the chemical analysis of the herb […]

Lycium barbarum extract

Chinese wolfberry perennial shrubs, growing in the soil layer of deep loess ditch and hillside. Wild wolfberry quality than the times, is now rarely harvested, medicinal more for the cultivation of goods. To use as an active ingredient in face creams, lotions, masks, sun protection products, hair products etc. Ingredients: 25 gram goji berries 45 […]

Chicoric acid

The chicory plant is known to provide numerous benefits that have been useful for centuries. While the leaves of the plant are using as salad during the celebrations, the roots act as a liver and blood cleanser. In the modern times, the ground roasted tap roots are still there and used as a substitute for […]

Pueraria Isoflavones

Being commonly used as an essential herb in China, Pueraria is said to be the root of Pueraria Lobata.  Apart from its inevitable usage as an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, it is the cradle of a food element extensively consumed in Japan. Powered with a major medicinally active component group called as isoflavones, it stands […]

Astragaloside IV

A plant, namely, Astragalus membranaceus has created a great buzz because of its numerous benefits. It is still being studied by many in order to churn out the best benefits of this root. This plant root is oozing with a variety of benefits like an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, comprehensive range of antioxidant, anti-aging and disease-fighting properties. […]


For many of you, Anthocyanins would be a new word. Anthocyanins exactly are the pigment compounds due to which fruits and vegetables get red, purple and blue shades. It seems essential to mention that it is being found in each plant source but the amount varies in proportion, chemical structure, and concentration. The introduction does […]


Today’s prescription medicines are causing alarm among concerned users and with those friends and family members close to the users. With the recent notice that Darvocet can cause serious after effects, including heart disease, more and more consumers are considering the benefits of alternative medicine and holistic therapies. The alternative medicines treat a wide range […]

Kudzu Root Extract

When it comes to one of the oldest Chinese herbs in the world kudzu root is surely considered as one of them.  These Chinese herbs have its importance since the time of 200 B.C.  Therefore, it is understandable kudzu root holds a very significant importance in the Chinese herbal medicines.  The best thing isdifferent parts […]


With so many things losing stability in our day to day life, we need some good balance that can help us maintain the normalcy of our life. Just talking about increased stress and strains of our daily lives will not help; we have to take some concrete action to curb the imbalance. This homeostasis can […]

Pueraria Isoflavones

Essentially much famed as an effective herb in Chinese Region, Pueraria Isoflavones are meant to be the root of Lobata Plant. It is the efficient power of the medicine that isoflavones are considered as the main ingredient with widespread consumption beyond China such as Japan, United States and even parts of Europe. Majorly famed as […]

White Peony Extract

Peony trees are pretty common in different Asian countries. Generally, it can be seen in different parts of China, Japan and other Asian countries. Apart from the Asian countries, it can be also seen in different parts of the Europe too. Therefore, it is understandable that peony trees are apretty common thing. Peony trees can […]

red yeast rice powder

The red yeast rice powder has been there in the Chinese traditional medicine for a long period of time now. At first, it was not used as a medicine. Generally, it was used in order to preserve the foods and at the same time, it was also used as an added colour as well. But […]

If you have a garden in your home, then you know that a Marigold flower is very common in your garden.  You will be glad to know that marigold flowers come with some interesting health benefits.  However, not all marigold flowers offer health benefits. Generally, the calendula variation of the marigold flower offers some significant […]