Polygonum CusPldatum Extract

Japanese knotweeds extract which is also known as Polygonum cusPldatum extract is an ideal source of Resveratrol. This Polygonum cusPldatum extract has plenty of health benefits and it is serving the herbal medicines of China and Japan for a long period of time. Generally, the Japanese Knotweed can be found in the Asian countries like […]

herb extract

Herbal medicines have played a very important role since the early dawn of the human civilization. Back in that time, there was no glimpse of the modern day medical science, but still, people used to get treatment for their diseases. Most of the treatment was based on the herbal medicines and interestingly those herbal medicines […]

Salient Health Advantages of Taking Ferulic Acid in a Proper Way

Natural medicines such as Ferulic acid have been effective to cure diseases since the early dawn of human evaluation. There are many herbs which are used to treat diseases and at the same time, natural food sources play an equally important role as well. At first, the benefits of these herbs and natural food sources […]

Why Should You Consider Kudzu Root as a Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbs have a very good reputation all over the world. These Chinese herbs played a very important role in the benefits of the health for almost 2000 years. When it comes to the Chinese herbs, Kudzu root is one of the oldest of them. Generally, Kudzu root is traditionally used to problems like headaches […]

Moutan Bark Extract: Top Benefits of This Chinese Herb

Moutan Bark which is also known as Mu Dan Pi has plenty of health benefits. It is generally found in the mountain parts of the China and it is considered as a very important part of Chinese herbs. Mu Dan Pi is basically a part of peony tree and at first, it was used for […]

Ginseng Leaf Extract: A Herb With Significant Health Benefits

Ginseng leaf which is generally found in Serbia, Korea, Northeast China and the United States have significant health benefits. Naturally, in most of the cases, Ginseng are born in cooler mountain temperature. There are different types of ginseng, 11 to be precise and all of them grow under different conditions and in different countries. But […]

Benefits of Rosavin As Stated by Rosavin Factory Experts

Often we’ve heard of traditional Chinese herbs that yield powerful medicines. From promoting sexual health to improve longevity, these meds have indeed proved their might in the age of modernized medications. One such plant extract is Rhodiola Rosea that is known for its neuro-protective nature, as per preliminary evidence. Among the many components of the […]

The Natural Benefits of Gynostemma Extract at a Glance

The Gynostemma pentaphyllum is a green leafy herb growing wildly in Southern China and Northern Vietnam and other Asian countries. Also known as Jiao gu-lan in China, the gynostemma became popular as the ‘immortality tea’ consumed by the inhabitants of Guizhou province near Fanjing Mountain, Southern China. It was used in traditional Chinese medicine to […]

A Natural Supplement for Healthy Eyes- China Bilberry Extract

The bilberry is a Eurasian low growing shrubs belonging to the family Ericaceae, not to be confused with blueberry. The plant bears blackish berries which are edible and considered to be good for the eye. The plant grows in temperate and subarctic regions of the world but mostly in North Europe and the British Isles. […]

A Brief Overview of the Soy Bean Extract

The battle has been raging on for a long time on the 6topic of how beneficial the soy is in the diet of the common people. It seems that the food manufacturing industry is keen on filling the racks of the food mart with products, which contain soy bean extract. Many hold the notion that […]

Rhodiola Rosea Extract Factory: Know How to Boost Your Stamina

A perennial flowering plant that grows in cold regions and high altitudes, the Rhodiola rosea is a simple looking plant with yellow flowers and remarkable effects on the major systems and organs of your body. Also known as golden root or arctic root, the plant grows wildly in the Arctic regions and hilly regions of […]

Chinese Wolfberry Extract: Facts that you didn’t know

Chinese herbs are used abundantly for a number of purposes. A specific berry called Chinese wolfberry or popularly known as Goji berry (lycium berry) is an edible fruit that packs in substantial nutrition. Ask any Chinese medical practitioner and he will say how the berry is meant for treating dry skin, cure dry cough, improve […]