Maximum people who consume Resveratrol do not know that a particular is available in moderation. However, they start realizing its presence when they going through problems related to the stomach. Once they start experiencing stomach aches, they surf through the internet and find out this alkaloid is commonly called Emodin, the major reason why they […]


Before you move ahead, you must know what Rutin is. Rutin is, in fact, a plant pigment named flavonoid that’s available in particular vegetables and fruits. It is useful for manufacturing medicine. The list major sources, as has been revealed through proper research, comprise Japanese Pagoda tree, buckwheat, lime tress flowers, hawthorn, apples, as well […]


The Zizyphus jujuba, popularly known as Chinese date, is said to have its roots in China. The red round fruit possesses a sweet flavor and has an edible skin. Its popularity in Chinese medicine is not recent as people have been using Zizyphus for the last thousand years. The fruit has a host of health […]


Quercetin is a flavonoid, or in simple terms, a plant pigment. This flavonoid can be found in a variety of foods and plants, namely apples, berries, green tea, red wine, onions, St. John’s wort, Ginkgo biloba, American elder, etc. Aside from these, buckwheat tea contains a good quantity of quercetin. Quercetin is primarily used as […]


Do you find anything common between turnip, carrot, onion, ginseng, ginger, and horseradish? Well, all in this list are roots that you have in your diet almost every day. You can add one more to this list and that is burdock root. This is an ancient root that has remained far away from human attention […]


It is a fact that tomato has so many benefits also you can grow it our own garden and they are cheap too; all they need a little care. When you have tomato in your own garden then deriving some benefits from it is not a bad deal. Tomato is for your health and when […]


What is a Soy Polysaccharides?  SSPS or soluble soy polysaccharide is a polysaccharide that dissolves in water properly haul out and filtered from the soybean. Soluble soybean polysaccharide is a rich source of dietary fibres found in the cotyledon of the soybean that has high stability and low viscosity in a liquid solution.  Benefits of […]


Collagen is a protein with significance in the skin elasticity. It is an important and supportive element found in the body of mammals. Due to its supportive function, collagen plays an important role in most of the body’s biological functions, which is providing support to the connective tissue, skin, muscles and bone health. Although the […]

Stevia Glycosides

Stevia Glycosides are the chemical compounds for the leaves of the plant Stevia rebandiana in South America that is responsible for the sweet taste. Stevia is the plant that has been used since the 16th century. It is used in the beverages and tea due to the sweetness. This plant has basic roots in Paraguay […]


Sulforaphane is a natural extracted compound which is found in many cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, kale, cabbage and broccoli. It has so many health benefits and proved to be the best in digestion and health of the heart. It is rich in sulfur that found in the cruciferous vegetables and provides strong health benefits. In […]

Astaxanthin Powder

What is Astaxanthin? Astaxanthin is a pigment of red colour that comes to a chemical group called Carotenoids. It arises spontaneously in few algae that cause the red and pink colour in trout, shrimp, lobster and various extra seafood. Astaxanthin is used to add colours to the food such as crabs, chicken, shrimp, eggs and […]


Garlic is known around the world for its countless health benefits as well as disease-fighting properties. In most of the cases, garlic cloves are used for various medical purposes directly but there are also many situations where garlic oil comes as a rescue. Garlic oil is easy to prepare and works amazingly for the skin as well […]


What is collagen? Collagen is a solid, unsolvable, and sinewy protein that makes up 33% of the protein in the body of a human. In many collagens, the particles are stuffed together to frame long, dainty fibrils. These go about as subsidiary structures and grapple cells to one another. They help in improving skin quality […]


What is monk fruit juice concentrate and how does it works? Monk fruit juice concentrate is made from the monk fruit which is sweet also recognized as lo han guo, the common name is Siraitia grosvenorii. Monk fruit is small round in shape and native to southern China. This fruit has been used as a medicine of […]


What is β-Carotene? Beta carotene is an antioxidant that converts to Vitamin A and has an important role in health. The colour of the fruits and veggies such as red, yellow, orange is due to Beta carotene. The vegetables and fruits that come into variant colours are because those veggies and fruits have beta carotene […]


Zeaxanthin is an important and essential pigment that is produced by the plants that produce fruits and vegetables. It is a great antioxidant and produces lots of beneficial health effects. The best-known effects of Zeaxanthin are it protects the eyes. Work as an Important Antioxidants Zeaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant; it defends the body against […]


What is Steviol Glycosides? Steviol glycoside is derived from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana. These compounds are intensely sweet in flavour and their biosynthesis was reviewed by Temler and Brandle. Stevia is a term refers to one or more steviol glycoside. It is a component of the chrysanthemum family, a sub-group of the Asteraceae family. […]

Dairy xanthan Gum

Transparent/Dairy xanthan Gum is a popular extracellular polysaccharide manufactured by fermentation process. Fermentation is possible due to the high solubility of xanthan gum in cold water and its low viscosity at low concentration. The food additive is manufactured using grains like wheat, corn, or soy. Common examples of products manufactured using xanthan gum are puddings, […]