Ganoderma Lucidum has been known as “immortal mushroom” in China and has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for more than 2000 years. Ganoderma Lucidum mainly grows on rotten wood or stumps in the wild of China. Its fruit body is mainly used for medicine. Ganoderma Lucidum extract is the harvest of mature fruit bodies, […]

Chamomile is one of the popular herbs that is popularly used by many people to fulfill their different and healthy requirements. Chamomile is one pretty flower that is derived from the Asteraceae family and thus can be seen in two different varieties involving Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. Both the varieties promise their best use […]

Dear customers and all the departments: The May-day is coming, according to the Chinese state council stipulation, we will take the 2021 May-day holiday, below are the holiday arrangements: 1. May day holiday time: from 1st to 5th May, we will be back to work on 6th(Thursday). 2.During the holiday, inland and domestic shipments will […]

Introduce: Botanical name: Arachis hypogaea L. Used part: Skin or Coat. Other names: peanut skin extracts (PSE), Peanut skin phenolic extract, Peanut Extract Powder Qherb company specification: Peanut skin extract 80% Polyphenols Peanut coat extract 95% Proanthocyanidin There are also peanut shell extracts Luteolin 98%, Peanut water-soluble extract, peanut butter extract, peanut oil in the market. Active ingredients: It […]

Eucommia is a kind of herb that is used as alternative medicine that helps in increasing vitality and thus promotes longevity. The Eucommia leaves extract are derived from the Chinese rubber tree and is successfully using for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to support the endocrine system, improve kidney health, and thus also helps to […]

Quercetin and Isoquercetin are two kinds of common natural active products. They have similar names, but they have different functions and efficacy, and It’s also very different in use. Quercetin: Quercetin is a flavonol, which exists in a variety of vegetables and herbs. It contains many beneficial biological activities, which can help healthy cell proliferation, […]

Qherb Specification Haematococcus Pluvialis  powder Astaxanthin 3% 4% HPLC 5% UV Astaxanthin Oleoresin oil 5% 10% HPLC Astaxanthin Microencapsulatio Powder 2% HPLC   Astaxanthin is the king of carotenoids that has been acknowledged by many different scientific researchers to be the strongest natural antioxidant. 6000X stronger than Vitamin C 600X stronger than CoQ10 550X stronger than […]

For centuries, people are consuming the best benefits of Chamomile tea. When we talk about the look of Chamomile flower, then undoubtedly it is as similar as daisies. The white petals and yellow disc florets make Chamomile the most beautiful flower. The flowers have a pretty strong aroma and thus blooms in the mid of […]

Astaxanthin is a kind of fat-soluble carotenoid (also a kind of red pigment). Natural astaxanthin is a kind of super antioxidant. Its antioxidant capacity is 550 times as much as that of ordinary vitamin E (the animal test by Wang Zhencheng of Zhejiang University has reached 1000 times), and that is 10 times as much […]

Astaxanthin is a kind of keto carotenoid, red solid powder, fat-soluble and insoluble in water. It widely exists in the biological world. Qherb’s select the extracted material is natural raw Haematococcus Pluvialis from Yunnan province. Astaxanthin is easy to lose its activity after being affected by light, heat, and oxide. Based on its instability, it […]

For centuries, stinging nettle is known as one of the popular herbal remedies that promise the best health benefits to our body. Thus, if you are a person who is searching for the best herbal remedy that can assure your body with the best health benefits, then without a doubt, opting for the nettle root […]


Ever wondered about the best herb that can promise you surprising health benefits and the yummiest taste? It is always a difficult task to gain the health benefits that do not require you to compromise with the taste. But, then the Shiitake Mushroom Extract acts as the rescue. The Shiitake Mushroom Extract is undoubtedly the […]

elderberry extract

For centuries people are using elderberry extract to assure their body with numerous health benefits. Where elderberry is the dark purple coloured berry fruit that is derived from the European elder tree. The elderberries are popularly being used to make medicines and thus promising the best benefits for our body. The elderberry extract is commonly […]


We are living in a generation where a healthy body plays a major role. Every person spends their thousand pennies to achieve a healthy body. Where adding the healthy flax seed extract acts as magic for our health. This is the reason, the flax seed extract is known as the superfood that can assure the best health […]

Turmeric is a powerful root that belongs to the ginger family and promises the best happy advantages. A yellow color turmeric extract can be easily found in many Asian countries. It is one powerful root that promises the best treatment and thus is popularly used as ayurvedic medicine in India for centuries. It is one […]

Mulberry fruit extract is a great source of nutrients and vitamins. It is believed that a single cup of mulberry fruit extract contains only 60 calories with numerous health benefits. The fewer calorie consumption makes it light, tasty and a healthy option to choose. It is a perfect option to opt when you are planning […]

Paeoniflorin, a white peony root component, has shown inhibition of in vitro testosterone synthesis without influencing estradiol synthesis. This decreases the ovaries ‘ production of testosterone, but not the adrenal glands. Oral administration of a mixture of white peony and licorice in an ovariectomized experiment raised the accumulation of DHEA and serum estrogen. It functions […]

What Is Valerian Root? Valeriana officinalis, commonly known as valerian, is an herb native to Asia and Europe. It is now also grown in the US, China, and other countries. Qherb’s material is from Guizhou and the botanical name is Valeriana officinalis L. var. latifolia Miq. Valerian root extract is extracted from the root, it […]