Moutan Bark which is also known as Mu Dan Pi has plenty of health benefits. It is generally found in the mountain parts of the China and it is considered as a very important part of Chinese herbs. Mu Dan Pi is basically a part of peony tree and at first, it was used for fire. But that is until the health benefits are discovered. When the health benefits of Mu Dan Pi was discovered it was found that, the part of the peony tree is more effective in medical purpose. Primarily, it was used as an inflammatory agent and at the same time, it was used to increase the blood circulation as well. But later, more benefits of the Moutan Bark was discovered which played a very important role in the history of Chinese herbs and in the medical field too. If you want to figure out the benefits of Moutan bark or Mu Dan Pi, then the following discussion can be very much beneficial for you.

Main health benefits of Moutan Bark or Mu Dan Pi

Joint Paint or Arthritis

In the modern world, joint pain or arthritis has become a very common disease. Anybody who is over 40 years of age can suffer from the arthritis disease. People who are over 60 years of age can suffer more and at the same time, it can make the life very difficult. Therefore, arthritis may not be a reason for your death but it needs some serious treatments. To be honest, most of the modern day medicines can treat arthritis effectively, but that does not mean that arthritis can’t be treated. The best way to deal with arthritis is by proper exercising. But along with that, there is a herbal way to treat arthritis. There are many herbal medicines which are claimed to treat arthritis. But the most effective of them is the Mu Dan Pi. The Trachelospermi Caulis and Moutan cortex radices are two agents which can take arthritis under control. Apart from controlling arthritis both of this agents can inflammatory reactions in the body as well. When the inflammatory reaction in the body is decreased there is less chance of getting affected with arthritis.


Coagulative necrosis is a condition when the cells of the particular part of your body start dying. When that happens, that area can get black and dark. More importantly, if it happens in several parts of your body that can be an indication of your body is not doing really well or it can indicate some internal infection as well. Coagulative necrosis also can be a reason of inflammatory as well. If the inflammatory effects get too much serious then it can lead to coagulative effect as well. But if you are suffering from coagulation, then you should keep in mind that, there is always an herbal treatment which can treat coagulation. The Moutan Bark comes with anticoagulation effect.  The recent studies have proven that people who are suffering from coagulation effect can improve their condition with consumption of Moutan Bark.

Treating Asthma

Asthma is an issue where the lung is not able to breathe properly. Asthma can be a chronic disease and at the same time, it can develop with aging too. Generally, it is a condition of lung inflammation.  If asthma is left untreated for more than a couple of years, then it can cause some serious trouble to the patient. In severe cases, an asthma attack can lead to death. Therefore, it can be figured out treating an asthma condition is very essential.  It was discussed earlier that, moutan bark is very much effective against inflammation. And the lung inflammation is no different at all. If you are suffering from asthma and if you are taking the Moutan bark then you will get improving result within a month.

Cancer treatment

Cancer is one of the most concerning disease in the modern day. Along with being concerning the treatment of cancer is a bit complicated too. But the herbal medicines have got an answer for it. Though the Mu Dan Pi can’t treat cancer completely, it certainly can stop the progression. Most importantly, if this medicine is taken regularly, it will be effective against most types of cancer.

Moutan Bark Extract: Top Benefits of This Chinese Herb

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