Anti-aging creams are made from soy. They perfectly rejuvenate, moisturize, nourish the skin and restore it at the cellular level. A cream based on soy for the eyes, almost completely remove the bags, swelling and dark circles under the eyes. After applying such creams, the skin really looks young, smooth and elastic. In addition, soybean extract is also effectively used in creams for coarse and rough skin of hands and feet, and, in some cases, can even cope with mild forms of dermatological diseases.

The composition of soy is:

  • Vital amino acids for the human body synthesize protein and contribute to the emergence of new tissue cells;
  • Unsaturated fatty acids are indispensable as a regenerating and restoring skin cells mechanism – it is stearic, linoleic, alpha linoleic, palmitic and oleic acid;
  • Phytoestrogens. They have a rejuvenating effect on faded skin and supply the required amount of estrogen to the blood;
  • Vitamin E.

Beneficial features

Soy is an excellent source of nutrients. Today it is proved that regular consumption of soy products reduces the risk of oncological and endocrine diseases. In addition, soy beneficial effect on the heart and intestines. It must be included in your diet for people suffering from vascular diseases and atherosclerosis, because it does not contain harmful cholesterol.

Soybean Extract have a very high content of protein and important minerals: potassium, iron and calcium. The fats contained in soybeans are mostly unsaturated. The presence of potassium and calcium in it, and low sodium content, contribute to the normalization of blood pressure. Soy products significantly improve the results of treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, nervous system disorders, diseases of the digestive tract, biliary tract, kidneys, liver, anemia, breast cancer and osteoporosis. And also are a means of their effective prevention.

Use in cosmetology

In cosmetology, hydrolyzed soy proteins have found use. So called partially destroyed by chemical means proteins (proteins) of soybeans, which are obtained from defatted soy flour. These hydrolyzed protein molecules are able to penetrate the hair and skin, providing a strong conditioning effect. They easily retain moisture in the hair and skin without causing dryness. They fill the voids in the hair structure and effectively restore damaged hair.

Hydrolyzed soy proteins in skin care products help smooth out wrinkles and deeply moisturize the skin. They are considered a rich source of isoflavones – elements that protect the skin from hormonal aging. Therefore, soy is often a component of the anti-aging cosmetics line. Such products perfectly rejuvenate, moisturize and nourish the skin, literally restoring it at the cellular level.

Soy-based whey and cream, designed to care for the delicate skin of the eyelids, almost completely remove the swelling and dark circles under the eyes. They make the skin around the eyes young, smooth and elastic, and the look becomes rested and radiant. Soybean extract found its use in the care of coarse and rough skin of the hands and feet. Such creams and lotions not only perfectly soften and moisturize the skin, but can also cope with mild forms of dermatological diseases.

Soy protein and gain muscle mass

Soybean Extract is often classified as a non-recommended food, mainly in the bodybuilding sector, the main reasons being its hormonal contraposition, since it is thought to reduce testosterone levels. But this does not stop being a myth, and that with little scientific rigor, sometimes it is usually considered as the truth.

The controversy arises from the component present in soy, phytoestrogens, natural chemicals whose molecular structure resembles the female sex hormone, estrogen. However, the behavior of this vegetable component in the body (man), will not lead to generate such an impact or reduce male hormone levels, such as those of testosterone.

In soy protein we can find the essential amino acids, which have the characteristics of not being produced by the body, and in this case, their intake will be from external sources. Soy protein is rich in the amino acid Arginine, which is a direct precursor of nitric oxide (NO). The presence of genistein will stimulate NO production. This substance, released by the body, improves performance as it allows to improve the transport of nutrients and the oxygenation of muscle tissues.



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