Everyone knows that Andrographis is the name of the herb or plant. But do you know why it is used? Where does it come from? How beneficial it is or what things the person needs to consider before consuming that? Most people may not have any idea about that. That is why the person needs to know about the Andrographis Paniculate Extract before they start using it. It is a plant native to South Asian countries and used in the Indian medicine system, which is Ayurveda. The leaves and the step of Andrographis can help stimulate the person’s immune system.

It can help protect your body from several types of disease and can be pretty effective for users. If a person is facing a cold, fever, or even a sore throat, it can be used. Even if you are getting some other problem related to your skin, this medicine can also prove quite beneficial for the person. But before you start using it, there are a few things that you need to know about that which you will learn in this article!

Benefits of Andrographis 

A person can experience plenty of benefits if they use the Andrographis Extract when they are sick. It can be quite useful for them at that time, to know about in detail you should have a look over the points below-

  • The person can use the Andrographis for several different purposes; it can help the patient with a high fever or sore throat because of tonsillitis. It can be quite effective for those people, but they need to take a high dosage of about 6 grams. Once they are taken, they will be treated in three to seven days.
  • If the common cold or flu, the person who takes this medicine will not face any kind of problem. They will not have any side effects or symptoms of cough or any breathing issues even after the flu.
  • Not just fever, and flu but they can also be quite beneficial for the person with skin disease, liver disease, cancer, diabetes, and many more. A person who considers taking the Andrographis can be treated well in the best way!

Some precautions and warnings

Though this medicine is quite effective and is Ayurveda or 100% organic, it will not have any side effects, but the person needs to take some precautions. If you take this when you do not have it, that might have some negative effect. That is why you need to learn about the precautions and warnings, and those are as follows-

For infants and children

If you give the Andrographis to the children, it will be safe for them and will not cause any problems. But it should be given to the children by mouth for the short term. Make sure that you are not giving them daily because that can be a problem. You can combine that with other herbs because that will be the best way of giving it to the infants for up to one month.

Pregnancy or breastfeeding

Giving Andrographis Paniculate Extract Andrographolide to the pregnant lady is not safe at all. It may result in miscarriages that you do not want to happen. There is no proper information about the Andrographis given to the breastfeeding mother, but it is important to always be on the safe side. Therefore, it will be beneficial to avoid giving them to the pregnant or breastfeeding lady.

Fertility problem 

It has been shown that if it is given to the animals, that might result in low fertility or cause a problem with reproduction. But things have not been seen in any human, but if you are having some problem already, why take the risk?

Bleeding conditions 

If you take the Andrographis, that might slow the blood clotting. However, that means there will be a high risk of bleeding and bruising in some people. It is advised to take some after getting professional advice.

Low blood pressure

Andrographis is used by people who have high blood pressure to keep it low or neutral. But if you are already facing low blood pressure, this can be risky as it can lower it. It has not been seen in humans yet, but a person should not take the risk.

Andrographis Paniculate Extract