Bitter Apricot Seed Extract: 17 Amazing Benefits of the Super Herb

Apricot Kernel, scientifically known as Prunus armeniaca is the soft part of the apricot seed. It is believed as a natural source of potassium, iron, and phosphorus. Vitamin B17, which is also known as amygdalin, is found in great quantities in peach and plum seeds. Bitter almonds, apricot almonds, and apricot kernels are different names for the same thing. The bitter apricot seed extract is commonly found in Armenia and Northern China as well. There are numerous health benefits of bitter apricot seed extract, of which a few are described here.

Health Benefits of Apricot Seeds

Apricot seed extract has many different benefits which are briefly described below.

Arthritis cure

Bitter apricot seed extract has excellent anti-inflammatory qualities, which make it a good home remedy for arthritis. The extract relieves the pain and swelling in the areas that are affected if taken according to the physician’s advice. Also, the affected people should eat a balanced diet to get the most desired outcome.

Maintaining high blood pressure

Vitamin B17 is known as a great natural remedy for healing cancer. However, bitter apricot seed extract is also useful in adjusting high blood pressure levels. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you can take apricot seeds regularly to keep your blood pressure normal. This will help greatly in reducing your blood pressure level as apricot seed extract is rich in Vitamin B17. Not only that, but regular consumption of bitter apricot seed extract can also save you from many other diseases. You can include them in your daily diet and also apply the oil of the extract to your skin.

Flu and cold

If you are interested in boosting the immunity level of your body, the best way to do this is to take apricot seed extracts daily. This will bolster your overall immunity level as well as help you in fighting against seasonal ailments like flu and colds normally caused by infection.

Increasing libido

In Europe, bitter apricot seed extract has long been used as a medicine for boosting sex drive. The seed has also been mentioned in literary works by William Shakespeare (in A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and John Webster. Though to date, there has been no scientific evidence or confirmation for this claim, it’s a fact that the seed extract has been in use for centuries in Europe for increasing libido.

For pain relief

The seeds are also proven effective in naturally relieving pain. This is because bitter apricot seed extract contains benzaldehyde, which is scientifically proven as an analgesic. Also, the seed is effective in treating arthritis, as we have mentioned before. It is also highly useful as a painkiller for cancer patients.

Relieves constipation

Apricot seeds are also said to be a great reliever for people suffering from constipation. This is because the seeds have great laxative qualities and many physicians recommend the seeds for regularizing bowel movements.

Skincare product

Bitter apricot seed extract is also prescribed by some modern doctors as a skincare product. For this, the extract is mixed into oil and a cup of sugar can be added to it to make the paste. This creates a lavish cream that can be a great solution for your dead skin cells.

Treating respiratory diseases

Well, this one is a lesser-known fact in the West, but Chinese medicine scientists and pharmacists very well know about it. The bitter apricot seed extract has been in use in China as a respiratory disease reliever for many centuries now. It is also used as a suppressant for regular cough and cold.

Haircare qualities

Apricot kernel oil or apricot kernel extract can also be used as a hair care product or natural medicine can make your hair look smoother than they are now. Also, the medicine prevents cellular damage to a great extent.

It is now well in public knowledge that the apricot seed extract has the qualities of a panacea. However, you have to buy the medicine from a reputable seller. The market is now flooded with many counterfeit sellers who may dupe you by selling you fake medicines, which might not have the same benefits.
Bitter Apricot Seed Extract