Chinese Plant Extract Manufacturers can generally be divided into four tiers. The first tier includes A-share listed companies such as Layn Natural Ingredients and Chen Guang Biotechnology Group (CCGB), which are technologically advanced, have large-scale operations, and have high visibility. The second tier consists of some New Third Board-listed companies, such as Day Natural, and Red Star Pharmaceutical, which have a certain level of visibility and are continuously expanding in scale. The third tier includes companies like BGG WORLD and JOYWIN Natural Products, recognized by the industry, while the rest are relatively weaker players in the fourth tier.

Plant extraction factories typically feature the following main characteristics and equipment:

  • Extraction equipment: These devices are used to extract useful compounds from plant materials. Extraction processes can utilize various methods such as solvent extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, and distillation.
  • Separation and purification equipment: Extracted mixtures need to be separated and purified to obtain the desired compounds. This may involve techniques such as chromatography, crystallization, and membrane separation.
  • Testing and analysis equipment: Factories are typically equipped with devices for testing and analyzing to ensure product quality and purity. These devices may include high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), mass spectrometry (MS), and ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometers (UV-Vis).
  • Production and packaging equipment: Once compounds are extracted, separated, and purified, they are processed into final product forms and packaged for sale. This may involve processes such as formulation, drying, filling, and packaging.
  • Quality control and compliance: Plant extraction factories need to comply with relevant quality control standards and regulations to ensure product quality, safety, and compliance. This may include implementing good manufacturing practices (GMP), quality management systems (QMS), etc.

Major publicly listed companies in the plant extraction industry:

  • Layn Natural Ingredients: Layn specializes in the research, production, and sales of plant extracts and natural drugs. Its flagship products may include various plant extracts used in pharmaceuticals, health products, cosmetics, etc. For example, they may provide active ingredients extracted from various plants for the manufacture of health products and medicines. Specific products may include grape seed extract, soy isoflavones, green tea extract, etc.
  • Chen Guang Biotechnology Group: CCGB is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the extraction, separation, purification, and application of effective plant components. Its main products include six major series with hundreds of products, among which natural pigments have the highest sales volume nationwide, capsanthin ranks first in the world in terms of sales volume, and capsicum oleoresin accounts for over 85% of domestic production. Lutein, lycopene, and other varieties are also important in the international market.

Possible future directions for Chinese Plant Extract Manufacturers:

  • Technological innovation and process improvement: With the continuous advancement of technology, plant extraction techniques and processes will continue to improve and innovate. Factories may invest more resources in the research and application of new extraction technologies to improve extraction efficiency, reduce costs, and develop more types of plant extracts.
  • Product diversification and functionality enhancement: With the increasing focus on health and beauty, the demand for plant extract products is expected to continue growing. Factories may increase efforts in the research and development of product diversification and functionality enhancement to develop more types of plant extract products with unique characteristics to meet the needs of different customer groups.
  • Quality control and compliance: With the intensification of market competition, factories may pay more attention to quality control and compliance. Strengthening quality management during the production process to ensure the safety, efficacy, and stability of products, and strictly comply with relevant laws and standards.
  • Sustainable development and environmental awareness: Against the backdrop of increasing environmental awareness, factories may pay more attention to sustainable development and environmental protection. Adopting more environmentally friendly production processes and materials to reduce energy consumption and waste emissions, and actively participating in green production and circular economy.
  • Expansion into international markets: With the advancement of globalization, Chinese plant extraction factories may increase their efforts to expand into international markets. Actively participating in international cooperation and exchanges, opening up overseas markets, and enhancing brand influence and competitiveness.

Chinese Plant Extract Manufacturers