Untold Facts AboutTransparent/Dairy xanthan Gum

Transparent/Dairy xanthan Gum is a popular extracellular polysaccharide manufactured by a fermentation process. Fermentation is possible due to the high solubility of xanthan gum in cold water and its low viscosity at low concentrations. The food additive is manufactured using grains like wheat, corn, or soy. Common examples of products manufactured using xanthan gum are puddings, beverages, ice cream, relish, and mustard.

Health Benefits

Transparent/Dairy xanthan gum reduces blood sugar in the body. The product helps patients suffering from diabetes to manage the disease, through the reduction of sugar levels in the blood. A study conducted showed a quick sugar level reduction, after consumption of beverages rich in the xanthan gum extract. The polysaccharide immensely reduces the absorption of sugar from the food hence taming diabetes.

Secondly, Transparent/ dairy xanthan gum is helpful in tooth decay prevention. This is mainly because it hinders the development of cavities, which creates a fertile ground for tooth decay. Xanthan gum forms a protective layer on the teeth hindering acidic attacks from decaying food, stuck in the teeth.

Transparent/Dairy xanthan gum helps in bulk-forming to cure constipation. Xanthan gum also aids in the thickening of food to form an even texture. The sweetener adds fiber to food hence treating constipation in both human beings and animals.

The polysaccharide is useful in normalizing the cholesterol levels in the body. Based on a study conducted back in 1987, xanthan gum was responsible for a 10 percent cholesterol decrease in men who consumed it. The reduction was noted after three consecutive weeks.

The natural polysaccharide cures excessive appetite. Consumption of muffins with Transparent/Dairy xanthan gum supplement reduces appetite. A study was conducted involving nine people. After some time, the participants expressed less desire for food as the muffin triggered an extended sense of physical satisfaction.

Transparent/Dairy xanthan gum can treat osteoarthritis. This refers to a painful joint condition that stems from aging joints or excessive gain weight. Though it has not been tested on human beings, it was conducted successfully on animals. Scientists are hopeful that the polysaccharide will cure joint disorders in human beings.

The substance cures mouth dryness in humans. Saliva substitutes minimize undue mouth dryness as well as the throat by replacing natural saliva. Also, the saliva substitute activates saliva flow in the mouth.

Side Effects of Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum

Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum needs to be consumed in moderate proportion. A consumer may experience mild bloating and intestinal gas shortly after consuming the sweetener, which lasts for a short time.

Some of the consumers may experience mild flu and throat irritation for a short duration.

Nausea and vomiting are also common side effects experienced by mostly first-time consumers of Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum.

Xanthan gum significantly reduces blood sugar levels depending on the quantity consumed. The risk is that it might hurt blood sugar control during or even after surgery. For this reason, patients are strongly advised to avoid the polysaccharide, at least two weeks before the actual surgery day.

Transparent/Dairy xanthan gum causes some allergies in some consumers. Just like other food proteins which may trigger some immune reaction, so does the polysaccharide. Even healthy consumers experience some mild food allergies after ingesting it.

Pregnant women should only ingest Transparent/Dairy Xanthan gum in small quantities. This is because the polysaccharide leads to necrotizing enterocolitis, a digestive problem in premature infants.

Additionally, when some people get exposed to the xanthan gum powder, they may experience mild lung-related problems or nose irritation.

Some of the products manufactured using xanthan gum are:

  • Cosmetics
  • Toothpaste
  • Yogurt
  • Medicine
  • Pudding
  • Food supplements
  • Ice creams
  • Body lotions
  • Jelly
  • Baked products.

Medically proven substitutes of Transparent/Diary Xanthan Gum

Xanthan is a popular natural polysaccharide derived from parents. However, research has identified other alternatives for consumers. These are:

  • Chia seeds: these are eatable seeds derived from Salvia Hispanic, a flowering plant with innumerable health benefits.
  • Flax seeds: these are seeds derived from a flax tree that belongs to the family of Linaceae.
  • Gelatin: This is a substance obtained by boiling animal bones and skin.
  • Agar: this is a jelly-like component obtained from red algae. The substance has various health benefits, just like Transparent/Diary xanthan Gum.
  • Psyllium fiber: This is a natural fiber obtained from the Plantago ovate tree mainly grown in India.

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