Kudzu is the Japanese name for the wild-growing liana, which is widespread in tropical and subtropical latitudes of our planet, especially in Southeast Asia, the forests of the Amazon, in southern California. Kudzu is found in the south of Russia in the Caucasus. In botany, this plant is called Pueraria lobata (Pueraria Lobata).

Weed or medicine?

In many regions, the plant is considered a malicious weed. In essence, Kudzu Root Extract is ivy capable of clinging to any support. It is growing quite aggressively, completely covering with itself any object in its path: buildings, poles, wires, fences, vast areas of land, and trees.

During the season ivy can grow by 30 meters. At the same time, the plant is perfectly adapted for survival. It is perennial, is not afraid of direct sunlight, survives when it is cold to -15 °C, and roots go down to a depth of 15 meters. In the southern states of the USA, Pueraria is considered a real disaster. Due to exceptional growth abilities, it absorbs arable land, farm buildings, and entire abandoned cities at fantastic speed.

However, in China, Pueraria lobate is not considered a weed. Traditional Chinese medicine has used kudzu as a medicinal plant for over 1000 years. All kudzu parts are used as raw materials for the drug: roots, leaves, and inflorescences.

Medicinal properties of kudzu

The Chinese use ivy Pueraria in the form of extracts, powders, and decoctions for the following ailments:

  • High blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders;
  • Menopause disorders;
  • Muscle aches and cramps;
  • The hangover syndrome and alcohol dependence;
  • Nervous disorders and their consequences (headache, irritability, apathy);
  • Diseases of the reproductive system.
  • Kudzu roots and their effects on the human body

Tests of preparations containing kudzu plant extract in animals and patients have shown high efficacy in various diseases and pathological deviations from the norm. In particular, the following results were identified:

With regular use of Kudzu Root Extract during menopause, significant improvements in the nervous system of the subjects were noted;

  • In overweight mice, after six months of regular kudzu consumption, the glucose level decreased;
  • After the removal of the ovaries in the body, there is a sharp decrease in the level of bone mass and bone mineral density. In patients who took kudzu for a month, these figures remained close to normal;
  • Disorders in the endocrine system often entail a rapid set of overweight, especially during and after menopause; after a month-long administration of kudzu, weight loss and normalization of hormone levels were observed;
  • Studies in mice have shown the high efficacy of kudzu in the treatment of pathologies caused by regular alcohol consumption. It is noted that in experimental subjects the accumulation of fats in the liver and blood decreased, the protective reaction of the body to toxins increased, and the decrease in inflammation of the organs;
  • A particularly interesting result was shown by studies of the interaction of kudzu with alcohol. It is revealed that the leaves of the plant are capable of causing an accelerated elimination from the body of the decay products of alcohol and protecting the nerve cells from death.

Most modern drugs for alcohol dependence are aimed at forming a patient’s aversion to alcohol. However, they can cause a whole bunch of adverse reactions: irritability, apathy, decreased mental and social activity, tremors of the limbs, and many other misfortunes.

The mechanism of action of Kudzu Root Extract is inherently unique, which increases its effectiveness compared to other drugs. The use of infusion of leaves and Pueraria root leads to the fact that the effect of alcohol on the body does not change, but is accelerated several times.

The drug is much faster absorbed into the blood, that is, the desired state of euphoria is achieved much earlier and with a smaller amount of alcohol consumed. The degree of intoxication is significantly reduced, as kudzu contributes to the rapid and effective elimination of alcohol degradation products from the body. As a result, the severe hangover syndrome disappears, which often causes repeated drinking.

Thus, Kudzu Root Extract leads to a significant reduction in consumed doses, reduces the harm of alcohol to the body, and as a result, gradually leads to recovery from dependence. Scientifically proven drugs can serve as an excellent alternative to existing methods of treatment of alcoholism.