The epimedium plant, epimedium sagittatum has different properties and modest side effects, the leaves of the epimedium also known as epimedium sagittatum, are up to 30 cm long and grow on subterranean branches.

This plant has flowers with bright colors ranging from purple to yellow and white and its size is approximately 5 cm.

The epimedium is a traditional Chinese perennial medicinal plant and as many as 15 types of this plant, in Chinese, are known as Yin Yang Huo.

The epimedium is used for people with back and knee problems, joint pain, arthritis, physical and mental fatigue, memory loss, high blood pressure, heart disease, bronchitis, liver disease, HIV/AIDS, polio, a blood disease called chronic leukopenia, viral infections of the heart, bone weakness after menopause, bone weakness (osteoporosis), and as a tonic.

Some men use the epidemium for problems of sexual performance including erectile dysfunction and involuntary ejaculation and to arouse sexual desire.

How does epimedium work?

The epimedium sagittatum extract contains chemicals that can help increase blood flow and improve sexual function.

It also contains phytoestrogens, chemicals that act a bit like female estrogens, which could reduce bone weakness in post-menopausal women.

What is the epimedium for?

A weakness of the bones (osteoporosis). Research shows that taking a specific 24-month epimedium extract appears to reduce bone weakness in the spine and hip in women who have gone through menopause.

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Sexual problems
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Bronchitis
  • Ache
  1. Muscular strength

The horny goat weed is made up of Icariin which is a potent active ingredient responsible for many of its effects, including increased protein production, which can stimulate cell growth and help increase muscle strength at a rate quick.

  1. Bone health

Research has admitted that regular consumption of this herb can improve the absorption of minerals and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. By increasing bone mineral density and preventing mineral leakage through the body, this plant can keep you strong and flexible as you age.

  1. Aphrodisiac

Perhaps the most popular use of this herb can regulate the levels of stress hormones in the body, which can stop the symptoms of libido and menopause. In addition, antioxidants in this plant can dilate blood vessels and increase circulation. This means that blood flow to the sensitive reproductive areas will be increased, which will relieve the signs of erectile dysfunction in some men.

  1. Cancer prevention

With antioxidant properties in this powerful plant, supplementation can help prevent many chronic diseases, such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and coronary heart disease. Antioxidants can vanish free radicals in the body before they can cause a cell mutation.

  1. Hormones Balances

Horny goat weed naturally balances hormonal function without being a hormone itself. This could be helpful for women with hormonal fluctuations during PMS or menopause. The herb can also reduce the incidence of dangerous side effects associated with many hormonal therapies.

  1. Relief of the symptoms of menopause

The horny goat weed can encourage balanced levels of estrogen and estradiol in women, hoping to provide a beneficial effect for menopausal people. In animal research, researchers compared epimedium sagittatum extract with menopausal treatment. They found that natural plant chemicals in the epimedium, such as icariin, demonstrated dynamic effects of bioactivity longer than a conventional menopausal drug.

  1. Considered a natural aphrodisiac

Goat weed can help normalize cortisol levels and reduce some of the negative effects of stress on the body, which can include decreased libido, mental fatigue, and several problems with hormonal balance or sexual performance. By helping to normalize testosterone and estrogen levels, it can help fight symptoms such as low energy, unintentional ejaculation, and vaginal dryness.

  1. Supports skeletal health

Research has shown that icariin, among other active phytochemicals of the epimedium, can prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women. The research revealed a significant difference in bone health between groups of women taking an epimedium supplement and the group taking a placebo.

  1. Soothes aching joints

Traditional Chinese medicine often uses epimedium as a natural treatment for joint pain- a condition that can negatively affect a person’s quality of life and be a huge drain of constant energy. Consumer research has been a little slow in examining the traditional use of grass, but so far animal models carry the traditional application against the disease.

  1. Control of asthma

Research in China has shown that Epimedium can help relieve airway inflammation by decreasing the activity of certain proteins responsible for leukocyte production in pulmonary inflammatory areas, helping to control the effects of asthma.

  1. Anti-aging properties

Flavonoids in Epimedium extracts have redefined age-related metabolites at a younger level, such as saturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and amino acids. Therefore, it can be used as an anti-aging effect of the drug.