The growing health consciousness among people has shifted the focus from chemically synthesized products to those derived from natural plants. Plant extracts find applications in various fields such as health foods, special foods, and formulated granules, offering vast development prospects. So, what are the processing procedures and the situation of OEM factories for plant extracts? This article introduces “What is the OEM processing process for plant extracts? How to find plant extract OEM factories?”

What are Plant Extracts?

Plant extracts refer to complex organic compounds formed from plants through processes such as isolation, extraction, and drying. They are generally presented in powder and granular forms, although liquid or oil forms also exist. Their characteristic is to preserve the original components of plants without alteration.

Plant extracts come in various types and find wide applications. These include functional plant extracts, traditional Chinese medicine extracts, sweeteners, bittering agents, natural pigments, etc., which can be used in health foods, medicines, daily chemicals, and other fields.

How to Find Natural Plant Extract Manufacturers?

  • Online Search: Use search engines, business websites/apps, etc., to search for “ Natural Plant Extract Manufacturers “. Visit the websites of relevant companies to browse their qualifications, product ranges, contact information, etc. Contact multiple companies for detailed discussions, inquire about product specifications, prices, etc., and make comparisons before selecting.
  • Through Industry Referrals: Consult friends or acquaintances in the plant extract OEM industry to obtain contacts of suitable OEM factories. Communicate with them online or arrange face-to-face discussions.
  • Participate in Industry Exhibitions and Forums: Well-known events such as CPHI CHINA, API, and FIC, as well as forums organized by plant extract associations in Hunan and Xi’an, provide opportunities for networking and finding OEM partners.

What is the OEM Processing Process for Plant Extracts?

  • Raw Material Procurement: Clients can either procure raw materials themselves and send them to the OEM factory, or have the factory procure materials according to their requirements. During procurement, attention is usually paid to the quality of the raw materials, whether they meet relevant standards, their origin, as well as the assurance of transportation and storage services.
  • Extraction of Target Substances: Appropriate extraction methods are employed to extract target substances, such as solvent extraction, enzyme extraction, and microwave-assisted extraction. Subsequent steps include filtration, purification, drying, etc., based on the client’s requirements for the product.
  • Packaging and Shipping: Whether in bulk or retail packaging, using double-layer plastic bags or aluminum foil bags, paper barrels, or cartons, packaging is chosen based on requirements. After final product inspection and approval, packaging and shipping arrangements are made, including the choice of logistics methods.

Raw Material Selection and Supervision in the Production Process

  • Strict Criteria for Raw Material Selection: The selection of raw materials is a crucial step. Ingredients like vitamins, lutein, maca, etc., often come from new resource foods, and the quality of these materials directly affects the quality and efficacy of the final products. Therefore, manufacturers conduct feasibility analyses of raw material product formulations before production to ensure the appropriate selection of raw and auxiliary materials.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Quality Control throughout the Production Process: To ensure the quality and safety of raw materials, it’s essential to choose reputable suppliers. Suppliers should provide quality certificates and comprehensive test reports, including checks on basic appearance, and taste, as well as comprehensive testing for harmful substances, heavy metals, microorganisms, etc. Additionally, reasonable packaging design and storage are chosen to prevent product contamination and damage.

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