The Pueraria Lobata Extract is an herb. Under the correct growing conditions, it spreads quickly and covers everything virtually that comes in its course. This herb was introduced in 1876 in North America in the southeastern part of the country to prevent soil erosion. But this vine spread fast and as a result buildings and farms were overtaken. This led people to term this vine as the one that consumed the South. The Pueraria lobata Extract is used for various medicinal purposes.

What are they used for?

The root, flower, as well as leaf of this vine, are utilized for making medicine. China has been using this effective herb for its medicines since 200 BC and was used for the treatment of alcoholism. This herb is used at present for the reduction of alcohol symptoms like headache, dizziness, upset stomach, vomiting, etc. This vine is also used effectively for the treatment of circulatory as well as heart problems that include irregular heartbeat, chest pain, high blood pressure, etc. They are also effective for upper respiratory issues like sinus infections, hay fever, common cold, swine flu, and normal flu.

The Pueraria lobata Extract is also effective for skin disorders like itchiness, allergic skin rash as well as psoriasis.  Many people use this herbal extract for the treatment of problems like muscle pain, measles, stomach pain, dysentery, diarrhea, neck stiffness, and thirst as well as the solving problem of sweating. Other oral uses include the treatment of Poliomyelitis, deafness, migraine, diabetes, encephalitis as well as traumatic injuries. Numerous health specialists in China use this extract for the treatment of stroke arising as a result of a blood clot.

How is the Pueraria lobata Extract useful for the treatment of major diseases?

  • Alcoholism – There are enough researches that show that people who drink heavily and take this herbal extract for about one week tend to consume less alcohol when given a chance to drink again. Thus people, who have drinking habits, can use this medicine to treat their excess alcohol problem. However, this herbal extract does not produce many results in the long run as it does not help decrease the craving for alcohol.
  • Chest pains – There is sufficient researches available that prove that this Pueraria Lobata extract is helpful towards the improvement of signs as well as symptoms of chest pain when used directly or when injected intravenously. There is also sufficient evidence available that proves that the usage of this extract along with general treatment might be more useful than the general treatment alone. A Puerarin injection is not found in North America.
  • PTCA – During the Procedure of Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty, there are chances of chest pains. So, this herbal extract can be used efficiently for the prevention of such chest pain. Various researches prove that when this extract is used a week before as well as later in the procedure, there are chances of a reduction in chest pain. However, people of North America cannot avail of this facility due to the unavailability of the Puerarin injection there.
  • Coronary heart disease – There is the availability of enough research that suggests that this herbal extract, when used in the right manner for about three weeks, can bring a reduction in cholesterol levels as well as reduce pre-meal insulin levels in individuals who are suffering from coronary heart disease.
  • Diabetes – With some solid and useful research, it has been proven that using this herbal extract along with other diabetes medications can help in the reduction of blood sugar levels in people with severe diabetes.
  • Symptoms of menopause – There have been different research results for the utility of this herbal extract regarding the symptoms of menopause. Some studies show that the direct usage of this herbal extract can result in the improvement of vaginal dryness along with the reduction of hot flashes in females who are going through menopause.

Various other researches show that this vine extract produces no positive results regarding sex hormone levels, bone density, blood fat levels, as well as other symptoms of menopause. However, there are chances that there will be positive effects on the cerebral abilities of postmenopausal women.

  • Kidney disease – Various researches show that the proper usage of such an herbal extract will be efficient in the treatment of kidney diseases.

 Pueraria lobata Extract