Resveratrol: The Secret Benefits That Your Physician Might Not Tell You

Scientists have unearthed a fascinating fact about Resveratrol, a chemical which you can easily find in red wine, among many other foods. How does Resveratrol control inflammation? Studies have found that the chemical is highly effective in treating inflammation. Many deadly diseases have inflammation as a common primary symptom, such as peritonitis, appendicitis, as well as systemic sepsis.

Resveratrol is, first of all, highly effective in stopping inflammation by fighting two different molecules already present in your body – sphingosine kinase and the other one, phospholipase D.

The antioxidant is commonly found in fruits, cocoa, and vegetables and is fast emerging as a quick remedy for regaining youthfulness. The chemical indeed has great health benefits, but not all of them are broadly discussed in science and medical journals. Here’s taking a look at the benefits of the supplement. While inflammation is not an unnatural response of the body, it might be a symptom of some disease underlying. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is not a natural body response. It’s a common symptom of chronic heart disease.

Why Resveratrol Is Considered a Unique Antioxidant?

Resveratrol is a distinctive antioxidant that crosses the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain as well as the nervous system, and the benefits of the same are various. The benefits can be summarized and listed in the following.

  • Shielding body cells from free radicals inflicted damage
  • Slow down the spread of blood cells affected by cancer, especially very effective for prostate cancer
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Keeping the human heart healthy as well as enhancing suppleness in human blood vessels
  • Regularizing anti-inflammatory reaction
  • Facilitating fast and proactive prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

Resveratrol seems so beneficial in fighting one or more signs of aging and diseases that come along with the process of aging that it is oftentimes dubbed as the ‘fountain of youth’. The nomenclature holds water as the supplement can expand your life span. Here’s how.

Animal studies have shown that Resveratrol helps overweight animals run faster and live at least twenty percent longer than the animals that are not given the supplement (experiment done with mice). It is also proven scientifically that Resveratrol can increase the lifespan of humans as well. Resveratrol also delivers the benefits of exercise as well, and if you are taking the supplement along with regular exercise, you may enjoy even better benefits too.

What Are the Natural Sources of Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is naturally found in grapes, as the grapes produce the chemical to build a natural shield against fungi. The highest concentration of the chemical is found in Muscadine grapes due to their ultra-thick skins and many seeds where the chemical is stored naturally. The chemical is also found in great quantity in the common red wine, which is easily available in departmental stores and wine shops. The chemical is soluble in volatile hydroxyl compounds, commonly found in alcohol. Cocoa, peanuts, and dark chocolate are other sources of the chemical. However, if you just take wine every day, you can find it in great quantity.

While shopping for Resveratrol supplements, always try to find products that are made from Muscadine grapes only. Some pharmacists use whole Muscadine grapes as well as seeds, as these are the parts where the highest concentration of Resveratrol can be found.

Tips to Use Resveratrol

If you increase your Resveratrol intake every day, it can eventually reduce inflammation in your body. However, this is not the only way to fight inflammation. If there is too much inflammation, you need to focus on your diet. Why? This is because inflammation may be exacerbated by lots of grains and sugar in your body, oxidized or rancid cholesterol, foodstuff cooked at exceptionally high temperatures, and transfat which usually comes from junk food. So it’s wise for you to watch your diet while taking the supplement and also maintain a strict workout routine. You may also optimize your insulin level and eat foods that are full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Take foods that are full of Vitamin D.

Should you have a query regarding what type of diet goes well with Resveratrol, don’t forget to ask your pharmacist.Resveratrol