With so many things losing stability in our day-to-day life, we need some good balance that can help us maintain the normalcy of our life. Just talking about the increased stress and strains of our daily lives will not help; we have to take some concrete action to curb the imbalance. This homeostasis can be achieved perfectly by adopting the natural way of life and opting for some natural nutritional supplement that contains natural ingredients like herbal extracts. One of the tops discussed herbs today is factory Rhodiola standardized extract. It is also known as the root of the arctic or Golden Root.

Earlier Rhodiola was thought of as an aphrodisiac that enhances sexual powers. Even an increase in the production of sex hormones was reported in different studies carried out on this root. There are many health benefits of Rhodiola that make this ingredient one of the most sought-after ingredients in the nutritional supplements business.

Let’s see the health benefits of Rhodiola that make it a popular ingredient:

  1. Rhodiola is an adaptogen. It is the substance that helps one enhance the body’s ability to handle stress effectively. It partly inhibits the sympathetic nervous system that initiates the fight or flight mechanism. It also boosts the relaxing parasympathetic system. Thus for balancing the nervous mechanisms, Rhodiola exerts a positive impact on the body.
  2. Rhodiola, when given to women with secondary amenorrhea, helps induce natural menses without causing hazardous influence on the hormonal Also, it is said to be beneficial for normal conception.
  3. The root is useful for increasing the pain threshold of the person. Rather it suppresses the pain by increasing the levels of beta-endorphins in the brain. These are also good mood elevators and stress-relieving peptides. Also, it enhances the endurance level in athletes by increasing muscular ATP and creatine levels.
  4. People suffering from stress-related cardiac problems also benefit from Rhodiola. More cortisol and adrenalin are produced under stress which ultimately may cause heartburn. The production of cortisol and adrenalin can be reduced by Rhodiola. In addition, it prevents heart attack as it makes the blood vessels defiant to plaque development.
  5. By increasing the levels of serotonin in brains, Rhodiola acts as an antidepressant. The root is applauded by the medical community too for its antidepressant activity. It is proved that the COMT that destroys serotonin in the brain is antagonized by Rhodiola. Therefore supplements containing Rhodiola are used many times along with antidepressant medication.
  6. Rhodiola offers immense benefits when consumed after exercise. This plant-based extract is loaded with the potential that can cut down the recovery period after exhausting exercise. In general, it can boost physical performance. According to the experts, its effects are similar to anabolic steroids, only without any harmful effects.

Rhodiola’s Rich History

This rugged little adaptogen comes from the Crassulaceae family and in its original form is a very small plant with a pretty yellow flower. It grows in harsh environments at high altitudes, such as Siberia, the Alps, and the Rocky Mountains.

Rhodiola has a rather dramatic history as the first evidence of its use was by the Soviet Union for their KGB agents. They utilized Rhodiola Rosea extract to maintain focus and high performance while enduring high levels of stress.

Modern Day Research

The modern use and popularity of Rhodiola Rosea extract began to spread after a thorough and genuinely scientific study was conducted by Swedish researchers. In several placebo-based, double-blind studies, they found Rhodiola provided mild but tangible and statistically relevant improvements in performance for individuals subjected to stressful situations. Another study indicated that taking Rhodiola consistently for 6 weeks provided statistically relevant relief to people suffering from depression. Then in the United States, doctors at Columbia University and New York University conducted several clinical trials that provided, even more, evidence that Rhodiola really works.

Bottom line

It isn’t a miracle herb that will solve all your problems, but unlike one of its primary competitors, ginseng, you can really feel Rhodiola when you take it in larger doses. And unlike other adaptogens or herbal remedies, the clinical evidence suggests remarkable improvements it can really make by helping you regain a positive outlook towards life.