Black sesame seeds sesamin for our traditional nourishing liver and kidney medicine have a greater medicinal value than Chinese medicine, health scientists, and more as a medicated treatment of some diseases. Black sesame medicine and edible contains a lot of fat and protein, also contains sugar, vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, chromium, and other nutrients, since ancient times is considered health care share, Stomach, and liver, promoted the role of red blood cell growth, and can increase the body of melanin, is conducive to hair growth.

It is found that black sesame oil contains fat oil, such as Oleic acid, Linoleic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, and Arachidic acid, and contains Sesamin, Sesamolin, Pedaliin (pedaliin), plant sugar (planteose), Sesamose (sesamose) and so on.

Sesamin is a compound that can be found in sesame seeds and sesame oil. It belongs to lignans plant fiber compounds and is called sesamol forest of lignans is closely related. A study of rabbits and mice found that sesamin had different health effects.

Benefits of Sesamin

Sesamin is known to have anti-inflammatory effects, restore normal blood pressure, lower cholesterol, help vitamin E to absorb and protect the liver’s efficacy, and even be good for weight loss. In addition, it has certain antioxidant properties.

There are many benefits to the consumption of sesamin in the diet during weight loss. Experts have confirmed that it can reduce body fat storage capacity while increasing the body fat burning capacity due to the limited diet will lead to muscle block decomposition, so sesamin is particularly beneficial to maintain lean muscle mass.

After studying and analyzing the effects of sesamin on mice and rabbits, scientists believe that it can also bring similar effects to humans. Many animal experiments have confirmed that sesame oil has anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefits confirmed through studies

Other studies have confirmed that Sesamin can reduce blood cholesterol and liver cholesterol levels. Although this compound can also increase the level of high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol), some researchers believe that this situation will only occur when combined with other compounds.

The combination of sesamin and linoleic acid to reduce the characteristics of bad cholesterol and triglycerides may be beneficial in preventing heart attacks and strokes. A small amount of cholesterol and triglycerides are necessary for the body to maintain proper functioning. Excessive consumption will lead to serious health problems.

To date, there have been few reports on the side effects or adverse effects of sesamin. One of the downside factors is that excessive consumption will offset all its health effects. In addition, it occasionally causes some people allergic reactions. The benefits of sesamin can be obtained by consuming sesame oil and other products from sesame seeds. Black sesame and white sesame seeds contain this compound.

Black sesame skincare skin effect and role

Black sesame seeds can keep the skin soft, delicate, and smooth. For people with habitual constipation, intestinal toxins will damage the human liver and also cause rough skin. Black sesame can cure constipation and has the effect of moisturize the skin. The use of a diet to lose weight, because of its nutrient intake is not enough; the skin will become dry and rough.

Black sesame seeds contain substances to prevent the body fat from the yolk, gall bladder, and muscle sugar, so the sesame eat more will not get fat. In the diet, while losing weight, if combined with the consumption of black sesame seeds, rough skin can be improved.

Eating sesame is good for the hair, but eating more will speed up baldness. Black sesame seeds eaten too much will endocrine disorders, causing the scalp greasy, resulting in fur withered, and falling off. Therefore, black sesame seeds are more suitable for the amount of food that should be half a teaspoon a day, not more than a porcelain spoon. In addition, poor appetite, and stool thin people should not eat black sesame seeds.

Above we introduced what is the effectiveness and role of black sesame, black sesame seeds have good calcium and the prevention of high blood pressure, black sesame can make hair black and moisturizing, eating black sesame can improve fertility ability, and the benefits of anti-aging, black sesame seeds or weight loss to share, but black sesame has side effects, the above also made an introduction.