Herbal products have been the first choice of people for ages. It has numerous anti-bacterial properties which cure the patients without any problem. Among many herbal products, Vine tea extract Dihydromyricetin has a wide range of important bioactive ingredients which have proven to be antioxidant, antidiabetic, antitumor, and flush the toxic from the body. The herbal products taken in the form of liquid, especially tea is widely accepted and people enjoy taking vine tea due to its properties to inhibit all kinds of diseases.

The Vine tea originated in China and its tender stems and leaves of Ampelopsis grossedentata are used to make the herbal extract. The benefits of consuming Vine tea are:

  • Clearing away heat
  • Detoxification
  • Diuresis
  • Activates blood circulation
  • Dissipating blood stasis
  • Treats pyretic fever
  • Stab wounds and bruises
  • Jaundice hepatitis

According to the scientific study on vine tea, it has been observed that a high level of flavonoids, especially Dihydromyricetin is present in vine tea. It is one of the most important nutraceuticals in food and phytopharmaceutical products. Vine tea is quite important from the point of view of its advantageous factors of chemical constituents and biological constituents. Let’s dive into its details to find more about its components.

  • Chemical constituents
  • Flavonoids: Vine tea has rich flavonoids which enhance its properties to treat many diseases of human beings. It boosts up the immunity system and helps in regulating dysfunctions of the body. There are twenty different flavonoids found and separated from vine tea.
  • Polysaccharides: This chemical constituent is water-soluble and has myriads of medicinal properties like anti-aging, anti-virus, immunity booster, antitumor, and other properties to benefit the body in any kind of disorders present in it.
  • Organic acids and steroids: According to the study, vine tea has aromatic components like geranial, methyl salicylate, azelone, cedar alcohol, etc. which is used in all kinds of essential oils. Due to its aroma, it is widely used and loved too.
  • Biological constituents
  • Antioxidant properties: The antioxidant property in Vine tea especially in Dihydromyricetin has been reported. It accelerates the body’s ability to break down acetaldehyde, a toxic substance. It keeps the body free from any kind of toxics. As soon as it finds any toxic in the body, it flushes it out soon.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: it has high inflammatory properties which help people to regulate inflammation in their bodies. It relieves the pain and swelling and assists in the proper movement of the body. Severe diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are controlled due to the proper intake of vine tea extract in everyday meals.
  • Anti-diabetic: Diabetes is another killer which is engulfing people like a monster. Once you come in the grip of diabetes, it is arduous to relieve from its tight capture. Vine tea here is a savior and helps people to keep their glucose under control. It controls glucose and lipid metabolism, accelerates insulin sensitivity, and improves hepatic lipid accumulation in a high-fat diet.
  • Anticancer properties: This is a boon of consuming vine tea extract. Lakhs of people die every year due to cancer as it is diagnosed at later stages which are difficult to cure. Vine tea consumption helps the body to develop antibodies to destroy the cells of cancer in the body.
  • Antihypertensive and Hepatoprotective activity: Vine tea reduces stress and cures your hypertension. It also modifies systolic blood pressure, vascular activity, and heart rate. It refreshes your mood and relieves you from the tiring and exhaustive schedule. Along with this, it improves lipid metabolism and repairs the liver due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The scientific study proves that Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin has a regulatory effect on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The properties of vine tea extract help to maintain the metabolism of our body. Its consumption in the right amount will help the body to stay fit and combat all kinds of unwanted germs and infections. It rejuvenates and refreshes our mood and boosts up our stamina. The herbal vine tea possessed numerous benefits and is a great mood changer due to its aromatic quality. Its aroma is soothing and instantly changes the mood and brings positivity to our outlook.

Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin