Product Name: Osthole

Grass Source: Cnidium monnieric (L.) Cuss

Used part: Fruit

Appearance: Yellow-green powder (low content), white powder (high content)

Specification: 10%, 30%, 40%, 90%, 98%

Test Method: HPLC

Molecular Formula and Molecular Weight: C15H16O3; 244.29

Cnidium Monnieri fruit powder extract is extracted from cnidium, 35% conventional, 50%, etc. Osthole of the low content is the yellowish-green powder, it is of the high levels is the white acicular crystal powder. Osthole was dissolved in an alkaline solution, methanol, ethanol, chloroform, acetone, ethyl acetate, and a boiling petroleum ether, etc., Osthole do not dissolve into ether water and petroleum.

Cnidium Monnieri fruit powder extract function:

  • Cnidium Monnieri fruit powder extract can increase sperm secretion, stimulates sexual desire and has aphrodisiac action
  • Cnidium fruit powder extract Monnieri can dry moisture and kill worms, expel the cold and expel the wind, heat the kidney to strengthen the yin.
  • Cnidium Monnieri fruit powder extract has the function of relieving asthma and antifungus, antivirus.

Fructus Cnidii extract Osthole function

  1. Osthole present invention and formulations of antibiotic complexes, obvious synergy, antimicrobial activity, for the treatment of rice pod blight, rice injection or the application of wheat blabe pesticides;
  2. The complex of Osthole and Jinggangmycin, for rice Rhizoctonia and Fusarium, is better;
  3. Complex Osthole and Kasugamycin, best results for the rice explosion; osthole complex and streptomycin, the effect of the burn of the good rice pod.

Conclusion: Single dose of streptomycin sulphate, poor control of rice pod blight, control of pure osthle Rhizoctonia solani effect is not ideal, but Jinggangmycin 100 lag/mL anti- efficacy can reach 82.35%, osthole Two different proportions and streptomycin Mixture 90 pg / mL equivalent control effect 80.11-86.24%.

  1. Osthole regulates the expression of the inflammatory mediator by NF-KB modulation, Mitogen-activated protein kinases, Kinase C protein and reactive oxygen species.

To summarize the four points that osthole, compared to the high general toxicity, high residual chemical pesticides, has a significant difference, is very green, environmentally friendly.

Pharmacology: Osthole has antispasmodic, hypotensive, anti-arrhythmia, and enhance immune function and broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. For impotence, cold uterus, infertility, cold vaginal discharge, wet nose and back pain; Treatment of external genital eczema, female Yin Yang, trichomonas vaginitis.

  1. Applied in the field of food, fructus cnidii extract osthole is mainly used as natural food additives for pigment;
  2. As a daily use chemical raw material, cnidium monnieri fruit extract osthole powder is used in green toothpaste and cosmetics;
  3. As anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant drug medicine, cnidium monnieri fruit extract osthole is widely used as raw material in the field of medicine and health products.
  4. It can be used in health care products and supplement field.

What are the health benefits?

Cnidium seeds have reported several beneficial effects. Because the seeds have not been widely studied in humans, their effectiveness is mainly based on animal studies and their ancient reputation as a popular remedy in China.

In modern times, the herb is mainly used to treat skin diseases such as scabies, eczema, ringworm, and itchy, oozing skin lesions. It is also believed to be useful in the treatment of vaginitis and vaginal. Cnidium is used externally for all of the above purposes. The seeds can also be taken internally to treat impotence and infertility in both sexes.

Main Functions and Benefits of Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Extract Osthole Powder for males and females

  1. With the tonic effect on male impotence, there is a great effect for the treatment of impotence, osthole can increase sperm secretion, stimulate sexual desire and has aphrodisiac action.
  2. It can warm the kidney and relieve asthma.
  3. With the role of anti-trichomonas, there is great It effect for common gynecological diseases of women.
  4. It dust can dry out moisture and kill worms as well as expel cold and wind.
  5. With good It effect to treat acute exudative skin diseases.
  6. It powder has the antiarrhythmic effect. It can dry moisture and kills the worms, expel cold and expel the wind, warm the kidney to strengthen Yin.
  7. It has the function of alleviating asthma and antifungus, antivirus etc.


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