To determine the factors enriching the medicinal herb and the features of how the medicinal plant can be used

The Scutellaria Baicalensis is the Chinese herb serving many medicinal values and is used thousands of years ago from the ancient days by our ancestors. The species can be used as a fermented plant or the flavonoids to be valued as medicine to the human preventing many diseases in the human body. The pharmacological functions serving as the benefit supporting anti-cancer, antibacterial and antiviral activities in the human body to make the human body free from easily harmful to the diseases. The bioactive compounds of Scutellaria determine the biosynthetic pathways to make the metabolism in the body to be active.

The Asian countries prefer these species as the vital medicinal plant having the multi herb formulation. This Chinese Skullcap is derived from a perennial flowering plant where the roots of this herb are grounded into powder, which is to be treated to cure the ailments including allergies, infectious diseases and inflammations.

Composition of the chemical Scutellaria Baicalensis

The chemical Scutellaria consists of Baicalin, Wogonoside, Oroxylin, Neobaicalein and Scutellarin and Isoscutellarein mainly and other chemicals added with it to form an effective medicine.

About Flavonoids

The group of natural chemical compounds originated in a variety of vegetables and these chemicals are used in preparing medicine for curing various causes occurring towards the current era. These Flavonoids are considered to be the plant metabolism factors providing anti-oxidant effects through fruits and vegetables. They are more available in plants which are considered to be the essential molecules, providing colours for attracting pollinating insects towards plants and other living organisms.

Features of Scutellaria Baicalensis

The Scutellaria Baicalensis serve the following properties to define the use of the medicinal plant.

Fight for the Anticancer

The species support the issues occurring because of the cancer cells and this species can be used to remove the tissues causing problems by eliminating the composition of Baicalin extract and it is used as the preventive measure for the growth of malignant tissues occurring in the body.

Support Anti allergic property

The Scutellaria present in the ingredient act as the anti-allergic product when induced in the human body as the test was conducted in the rats and confirmed that the release of histamines when exposed to vitro where these histamines are produced as proteins in the body which treats allergens when exhibited in the human body.

Act as Neuroprotective agents

The neuroprotective agents are the main features making the control of the body to be diverted from stroke and other diseases occurring suddenly as it can cause a severe damage to brain cells and this medicinal species act as a good oxidizing agent.

Controlling diabetics in human

The medicinal species enable insulin secretion in the body to make the diabetic system under control and the nature of the species can treat the pancreatic cells by the glucose level present in the human body.

Treating skin care

The Scutellaria species can be used in the field of cosmetics to make the skin attain its natural colour by the potential features of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.  These properties protect the skin from sunlight and make it recover from dryness and can be for the skin brightening criteria.

Presence of Baicalin in Scutellaria

The medicinal values of Baicalin offer several kinds of values to the human in the form of medicine. Some of the diseases are treated with permanent solutions with this compound and sometimes, they are used as a medicine for preventive measure rather not for the complete cure of disease.

Over the years, China has been using this baicalin for preparing any kind of traditional medicines. The treatment of inflammation, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Based on previous reports on pharmacological modulation of diabetes, hyper lipidermia and atherosclerosis.

  • It controls and make the cholesterol under reduced conditions.
  • This molecule works combine with other compounds for enhancing the cellular repair potential and comparatively damaged DNA.
  • The Baicalin flavonoid is used to safeguard neurons from ischemia by disabling neutroxity induced by glutamate.
  • Wogonin when merged with this flavonoid acts as strong inflammation inhibitor.
  • This Baicalin binds with cytokines to make biological function reduced and increases its own production exhibiting fibrillation and dismantles existing fibrils in brain.
  • Baicalin treats Alzheimer’s disease when mixed with other compounds.


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