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In the long-term breeding practice, natural plants can bring nutrition to animals without any toxic side effects The most acceptable substances that are harmless to the human body will be extracted. The components of plant extracts are relatively complex and various. There are many kinds of plants mixed and extracted or compounded after extraction to […]

What Is Quercetin Dihydrate? – All You Need to Know Quercetin is a natural plant pigment, it belongs to the flavonoid family.  and finds in many fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs. Quercetin has long been known to have antioxidant properties, and there are several studies suggesting, it has anti-cancer effects. However, the relatively poor bioavailability […]

Spirulina – What It Is And The Reason Behind Its Popularity Spirulina is a dietary supplement that has been in use for the nutritional properties it has to offer. Besides being rich in nutrients, it contains beta carotene vitamin Band E. Due to additional benefits, these blue-green algae are even consumed as whole food. For […]

Choosing Lingonberry Extract Is Beneficial For Your Health- See How? Lingonberries are a small berry that is red and similar to cranberries, but they are different from each other. Both of them have a tangy taste, and unlike strawberry and blueberry, they contain a little bit of sugar. You must have eaten this because it […]

Diabetes – Why 4-Hydroxyisoleucine Is Used To Prevent Diabetes? Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. As a result, sugar builds up in the blood instead of being broken down for energy. This can cause many health problems, such as heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, etc. Diabetes […]

St. John’s Wort is a yellow flowering plant that is becoming more common due to its health benefits. This plant belongs to the Hpericascear family and is scientifically known as Hypericum. It was previously renowned for its beautiful hue, but now, all the attention has shifted toward its potential medicinal benefits. Though it has been […]

Are you wondering what carnosic acid is? Are there any benefits one can avail of by using it? It has been proved by preclinical studies that carnosic acid is antioxidant. In addition, it shows cytoprotective and neuroprotective effects and is present in rosemary. So if you have ingested rosemary in any form, then you must […]