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Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest tree species on the planet. Biologists call it a living fossil. It has existed for 300 million years and was able to survive when many species of plants and animals disappeared. Ginkgo biloba belongs to gymnosperms and herbs. The effect of ginkgo Biloba on the human body Ginkgo Biloba is a […]

The mushroom extract is popular in various end products. Mushrooms are famous for their diversity of nutritional values, and their diversity of applications has also been recognized. Functional mushrooms increased by 10% in herbal single products, 14% in shelf-stable coffee, 55% in shelf-stable beef jerky, and even 2% in performance nutritional supplements. At present, the […]

If you are looking for a supplement that offers outstanding benefits to your overall health then Bergenin is a one-stop solution. Bergenin is obtained from a plant named Bergenia and other plants that are found in India and other parts across the globe. For the past several years, this supplement has been used for treating […]

Herbal products have been the first choice of people for ages. It has numerous anti-bacterial properties which cure the patients without any problem. Among many herbal products, Vine tea extract Dihydromyricetin has a wide range of important bioactive ingredients which have proven to be antioxidant, antidiabetic, antitumor, and flush the toxic from the body. The […]

Everyone is aware of the fact that is good but how it is and what kind of help can it offer to your overall health? Today in this blog, you will uncover all the secrets of Panax notoginseng. Panax notoginseng is a flowering plant that belongs to the ginseng family. You need to know that […]

Valerian plants are found in Europe and some parts of Asia. It is also grown in North America. It is a herbal plant and its roots work like a medicine to cure many severe ailments. Including herbal medicine in the diet plan has been in customs for ages. The ancestors were familiar with such herbs […]

When something new in the market comes with a lot of positive responses the people are attracted towards it. Especially, health drinks and powder are quite high in demand in the market. People are conscious of it and wanted to avail maximum benefit out of it. Apple cider vinegar powder is very popular among people […]

Soy lecithin is a form that is derived from raw soybeans using a chemical solvent such as hexane. The oil extract is processed to extract lecithin from other byproducts and after that, lecithin drying takes place. It is the most common food additive currently on the market. There are several benefits of Lecithin powder: For […]

Flawless and beautiful skin is a dream of many regardless of age and gender. Due to unhealthy living conditions and eating habits, the skin develops acne, pimples, and scars which grow deeper and deeper if not treated properly. Sometimes incorrect medications put the person in a more troublesome situation and the scars become deeper and […]