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For ages, people have been adding such elements in their everyday meal which provides them extra nutrients that are required to everyone’s body. Sometimes, what we eat daily does not get absorbed by our body easily due to our different work routine to digest, what we intake. Thus, it becomes mandatory to add such supplements […]

Lycopene powder is an antioxidant and it’s the substance that gives the dark red color to tomatoes, water melons, and certain other fruits. It’s capable of protecting your body from the carcinogens found in tobacco. Uses of Lycopene Powder    Here is a brief view of the uses of Lycopene powder: Including more lycopene in your […]

Lutein is recognized as beta-carotene and is rich in Vitamin A. Foods like egg yolks, spinach, kale, corn, kiwi fruit, grapes, orange juice, broccoli, etc. contain Lutein naturally. Lutein is usually taken with a high-fat meal and it prevents getting eye diseases. It helps the elderly people to avoid loss of vision and thus you […]

Learning the Positive Effects of Ginsenoside Rg1 Improving the Condition of Human Nervous System Rg1 is the most abundant option in Panax ginseng and it improves spatial learning. It demonstrates the estrogenic-like activity and you can get familiar with the positive effects. RG1 promotes the oestrogenic effects of rat BMSCs and the molecular mechanism improves the […]

Cordyceps Improves the Body’s Immunity Making you Feel Better Cordyceps is a type of parasitic fungi and it’s found on the larvae of certain insects. This parasite is issued in traditional Chinese medicine to treat fatigue and kidney disease. It also helps in enhancing sex drive and thus you can now enjoy life in your […]

Chamomile is one of the popular herbs that is popularly used by many people to fulfill their different and healthy requirements. Chamomile is one pretty flower that is derived from the Asteraceae family and thus can be seen in two different varieties involving Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. Both the varieties promise their best use […]

Dear customers and all the departments: The May-day is coming, according to the Chinese state council stipulation, we will take the 2021 May-day holiday, below are the holiday arrangements: 1. May day holiday time: from 1st to 5th May, we will be back to work on 6th(Thursday). 2.During the holiday, inland and domestic shipments will […]

Introduce: Botanical name: Arachis hypogaea L. Used part: Skin or Coat. Other names: peanut skin extracts (PSE), Peanut skin phenolic extract, Peanut Extract Powder Qherb company specification: Peanut skin extract 80% Polyphenols Peanut coat extract 95% Proanthocyanidin There are also peanut shell extracts Luteolin 98%, Peanut water-soluble extract, peanut butter extract, peanut oil in the market. Active ingredients: It […]