Red Yeast Rice Powder


Functional Red Yeast Rice powder is fermented from a solid substance.

Active ingredients: Monacolin K: 0.4%- 3.0% HPLC

1) Description: powder with a light red color
2) Moisture (%): ≤8.0
3) As (mg/kg): ≤1.0
4) Pb (mg/kg): ≤1.5
5) Total bacteria count (cfu/g): ≤1000
6) Coliform (cfu/g): ≤30
7) Yeast and mold (cfu/g): ≤50
8) E. Coli(MPN/100g): ≤30
9) Pathogenic bacteria: negative
10) Citrinin: ≤50ppb

1) Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
2) Supported by clinical research
3) 100% natural
4) Natural complement to diet
5) These benefits were established in clinical studies for subjects with total serum cholesterol less than 230mg/dl. And triglyceride levels less than 200mg/dl
6) The benefits of red yeast rice are attributed to the presence of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, enzymes in the liver that control the amount of cholesterol produced in the liver
7) It has been hypothesized that relatively high concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids and other natural compounds found in red yeast rice may work in concert with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors to provide additional health benefits

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