Close to 200 variants of magnolia bark trees exist in modern times. It goes by the simple name of magnolia bark and is a native of the country of China. In fact, for centuries they have been part of Chinese medicine. Still, you might be in a position to wonder about the tree bark. Let us now have an idea about the benefits and side effects of Magnolia bark extract Honokiol/Magnolo

The flowers along with the leaves of the trees are also used. They can be used to treat a series of conditions in the form of asthma, depression, anxiety, or sleep disorders.

The benefits of magnolia bark

First and foremost for any changes that take place in the human body oxidative stress is important and it even helps to reduce the possibility of inflammation. The reason is that it has a major role in the emergence of diabetes along with the related symptoms.

Once again the fact emerges that magnolia bark extract is a remedial measure against neurological properties. Not only does it help to treat brain conditions but acts as a remedy against sleep, anxiety stress, etc. Even they can be used to enhance the quality of sleep among individuals. Their effect on sleep had a close relation with GABA which seems to be the receptors in the central nervous system. It does make sense as it does have a close relationship with sleep patterns.

Some of the benefits of magnolia extract like mood or sleep might be of immense help to women at the stage of menopause. It did go on to showcase improvements in mood, anxiety, etc. But it was not the only compound that was the subject of study. Therefore it is difficult to figure out the fact that the benefits were only due to the use of magnolia bark. But one thing is for sure it is a safe remedy that is of considerable help during the menopause stage.

The ways to consume magnolia bark

In the traditional form of Chinese medicine, the harvesting of magnolia bark occurs once you peel or cut it away from a tree. Then the bar is part of the process of dying or boiling before you infuse it into the process of oral consumption. Of late magnolia bark is available in pill form as is part of various online and retail stores. To date, there is no official word as far as magnolia dosage requirements. If you are still looking to take magnolia extract it is better to flip through the instructions of the manufacturer on what is an exact amount to take. In addition, it is better to take the suggestions of the health care provider more so if you are into other forms of medications or supplements.

Does magnolia bark have any side effects?

Till the point of time you use magnolia bark, there are no adverse effects. A possible impact is that it could interact with other medications or supplements. Since it is known to be supplementing sleep in some types of individuals a suggestion is not to take the ingredient with any other type of supplement or a sleeping pill. For this reason, a suggestion is to interact with your healthcare provider before you intend to consume magnolia bark extract in any form or other.


In a nutshell, the bark of magnolia extract is incorporated from the leaves, flowers, and bark of the traditional magnolia tree. For thousands of years, it has been put to use in Chinese medicine. Even recent research indicates that it is going to have a lot of benefits as far as human beings are concerned. Not only does it improve, sleeping, depression, or anxiety even for human beings the benefits are enormous. With most of the retailers, you can find the medicine.

Before you plan to supplement with magnolia bark, there is a need to check with the provider about the exact dosage levels. Even there is no risk with the potential interactions of the medicines you intend to take.

These are some of the positive traits of magnolia extract and the onus lies on you whether to opt for the same or not.

Magnolia Bark extract