Baicalin is also known as Chinese skullcap which is got from the root parts of Scutelleria Baicalensis. This medical herb incorporates concentrations of several flavonoids which provide antioxidant properties. This herb is pronounced as Bay co Lin and got the nickname of the golden root. Baicalin seems to be the stunning purple-colored flower that originates around Siberia, Lake Baikal which is the clearest and oldest lake in the world. This tiny purpose plant has enormous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties thus making it a must-have product for skincare and medicine.

Baicalin Dosage

Users and scientists are still unsure about the optimal and correct dosage of Baicalin for human consumption. Based on the studies, it is considered that Baicalin dosage will be around 500 mg of extract. This product can be taken with juice or water to gain health benefits. Before using the supplement, you must know the ingredients used in the product. Furthermore, you are insisted to read the review before ordering the product online. Being a natural product, it does not pose any serious side effects on human beings.

Health Benefits Offered By Baicalin

  • Helps In Promoting Healthy Circulatory System

The best way in which Baicalin extracts assist in promoting your body’s circulatory system is through improving the nitric oxide levels found in the blood. Nitric oxide is essential is withstanding the blood pressure level. When your body cannot able to produce sufficient nitric oxide then it is called endothelial dysfunction which is a great risk factor for heart disease and hypertension. Moreover, nitric oxide is important for vasodilation which expands the diameter of blood vessels thus reducing blood pressure. Baicalin supplements have the capability to decrease the unwanted fat content in the blood.

  • Helps In Reducing Inflammation

Most of the Baicalin extracts seem to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. It is specifically relevant to immune cells and macrophages. Macrophages are regarded as immune cells which are quite responsible for your body’s inflammatory response. Macrophages are particularly responsible for the initiation, resolution, and maintenance of inflammation. It is believed that extracts obtained from Chinese skullcap can stimulate the anti-inflammatory property of macrophages. The mechanism involved in the binding nature of estrogen receptors with macrophages. Baicalin will stop the activity of chemokines which in turn decreases body inflammation.

  • Helps In Protecting Your Brain Through Neuroprotection

Baicalin is known to produce a neuroprotective effect which is the topmost benefit of this extract. It also safeguards your nerve cells from destroying due to extreme stress. Most importantly, it is revealed that brain ischemia, which is a condition due to lack of oxygen supply or blood to the brain will be prevented. There are plenty of biochemical mechanisms engaged with Baicalin neuroprotective advantages.

  • Good For Treating Sleep Disorders

Everybody loves to sleep for full 8-hours peacefully. But in today’s hectic lifestyle, beautiful sleep is considered to be a fairytale compared to reality. However, lack of sleep might make your skin to look less radiant and glowing. By taking Baicalin supplement, you can able to regulate and enhance your sleeping patterns and hence paves way for a deeper sleep. This, in turn, makes your mind and body feel rejuvenated and rested.

  • Preferred For Anti-Aging Problem

Though you might not have heard about baicalin, the ingredient is usually included with your desired product owing to its wonderful anti-aging properties. However, this root extract will go deep into your skin and repair the parts of DNA which are highly responsible for aging. It is proven that baicalin tends to amplify the working life of the skin and make your skin complexions more firm and elastic than ever before.

  • Quite Useful For Boosting Your Mood

Baicalin serves as a powerful stress relief & hence provides relaxation benefits. By acting on the brain’s GABA receptors, baicalin can tend to stimulate your brain by producing a hormone that can make you stress-free and boost your mood as well.


Thus, Baicalin is considered to be a strong compound with plenty of health advantages. The proper dosage of the supplement depends varies according to the user and brand. It is recommended to take 500 mg per day. Baicalin supplement is highly soluble so it can be easily dissolved in juice or water.