Quality Herb Packaged Chinese Bilberry Extracts with Antioxidant Activities Now Available Online

Quality Herb, a reputable China-based institution for research and development of traditional medicines, recently launched Bilberry extracts with antioxidant activities.

China, 27 July

Quality Herb, a reputable manufacturer of Chinese traditional medicine, recently launched Bilberry extract-based medicine that has great anti-oxidant activities. The Chinese traditional medicine dealer also used Anthocyanidins 1, Anthocyanin, Pterostilbene 1, and fruit powder in this particular composition. They informed that bilberry is a particular species of Vaccinium, a dwarf shrub that is found in Changabi Mountain and a few other provinces of China.

The owners informed that the Bilberry extracts are also referred to as bog bilberry, bog blueberry, Chinese bilberry, and Northern bilberry.

Bilberry is a deep purple fruit and it is rich in organic acids, glycosides, vitamins, and anthocyanins. The owners of Quality Herb claimed that the extracts have great antioxidant activities.

Bilberry or blueberry is a great source of flavonoids. Flavonoids show great antioxidant activities and it has already been proved through laboratory testing. Not only this, flavonoids also have antibacterial and antiviral abilities. The extract is also antiangiogenic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and cytostatic in nature. It also has great antiallergic benefits and effects”, claimed an alternative medicine specialist working with the China-based firm.
“It can relieve any injury to the rabbit retina which gets exposed to broad daylight. If taken regularly and as per the advice of any registered physician, the Bilberry extract can actually work wonders in repairing the damages caused to the eyes by broad daylight”, added the specialist.

However, the specialist also added that the bilberry extract should be taken in adequate quantities. Pregnant women and new mothers need to check with their physicians before consuming this Chinese traditional medicine. “It is a safe medicine, but users need to read the cautions and check with their physicians when needed”, he told the press.

Quality Herb is a 2013-born company that has dedicated itself to the production and research of Chinese traditional medicines, which are often grouped among ‘alternative medicines’ in European parlance. The owners said that they are committed to research, development, and mass-production of active ingredients like Bilberry extract from rarely found herbs. “Our Bilberry extract and other products can be used as nutritional supplements and they are completely safe”, told the CEO and managing director.

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