Rhodiola Rosea Extract from Quality Herb Helping Consumers Fight Mental and Physical Stress

While stress happens to be an everyday evil for people who lead a busy lifestyle, a China-based biopharmaceutical research firm provides at least one way to fight mental and physical stress.

Rhodiola Rosea may not be a household name in the West, especially in Europe and North America, but it is an herb known to many ancient Chinese medicine specialists and biochemists in China. Quality Herb, a biochemical research and development institute from China, recently unveiled Rhodiola Rosea extract for people who are trying hard to de-stress. The producers said that they have used Rhodiola Rosea extract in their latest medicine, with Salidroside and Rosavin being two other active ingredients. The brown powder is highly effective in reducing mental and physical stress, the owners of Quality Herb claimed.

Rhodiola Rosea is an arctic shrub that is rich in adaptogen, which is effective in increasing resistance to stress, both mental and physical. The salidroside powder present in the composition can normalize physical and mental stress. Rhodiola rosea extract enhances the mood of the user and can restore mental and physical energy.  The Rhodiola Rosea extract that Quality Herb offers is processed and packaged in the Xuancheng City factory of Quality Herb. The owners of the biochemical research institute said that rage salidroside is a rare herb that has magical effects on the body and mind.

“It’s indeed a magical herb. It can accelerate weight loss if taken with the right food. Besides, if someone wants to wipe off the signs of stress from her body and face and look beautiful again, this herb can work magically too. It is a great stress reliever. If someone is actively into sports and athletics, the herb can rightly enhance the athletic performance of the person. The composition that we have prepared can be an effective tonic for well-being. On top of that, it can enhance the immunity in men and women. We also recommend using it as an anti-depressant”, said a top official of Quality Herb.

Quality Herb has a GMP-standard production line and has been backed by a highly efficient research and development team. The owners said that they have also stressed on quality control of the Rhodiola Rosea extracts.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract