Red yeast rice powder and horny goat weed extract are now available

Xuancheng, Anhui, May 22, 2016– Quality Herb is happy to announce the introduction of two new plant extracts in the form of red yeast rice powder and horny goat weed extract. These two new extracts are joining a large family of her-based products that are traditionally used for medicinal and holistic purposes.

Andy Bee, CEO of Quality Herb had this to say about the launch of red yeast rice powder and horny goat weed extract.

Quality Herb is constantly reading through past and present scientific literature in conjunction with working with our scientists to find new herbal extracts. We believe that red yeast rice powder and horny goat weed extract have a market because of their high efficacy in the conditions they treat. This is backed by not only ancient Chinese knowledge but also by our current-day research. Quality Herb expects to see huge demand for these plant extracts over the foreseeable future and our current presale numbers are vastly exceeding even our expectations.

Red yeast rice powder is created by fermenting red yeast rice, releasing powerful powerful Monacolin K. This natural compound has been shown to have a similar chemical structure to lovastatin, a pharmaceutical drug made to treat high cholesterol. Clinical testing of red yeast rice powder has shown it is an effective means of treating high cholesterol. People taking red yeast rice saw a drop in total serum cholesterol to  230 mg/dl and triglyceride levels dropped to 200 mg/dl.

Horny goat weed extract is composed of concentrated icariin and flavonoids. This extract has been shown to stimulate the sexual glands of the body because of the stimulation of the endocrine and nervous pathways. Horny goat weed extract would be an ideal choice for those looking for a natural way for treating sexual dysfunctions. Tests have shown that horny goat weed may also be responsible for anti-aging. Clinical tests on patients have shown people who consume horny goat weed extract age slower than their respective peers and have improved organism metabolism and organ function.Red yeast rice powder