Quality Herb Puerarin or Kudzu Root Extract Finding Acceptance in Biopharmaceuticals

Quality Herb, an internationally recognized Chinese research and development institute that produces Chinese alternative medicines, has recently started selling Puerarin-based medicine online.

China, 27th July

Quality Herb, a leading China-based research and development institute that has found inroads into the alternative medicine research domain, recently launched kudzu root extract-based medicine which, according to the researchers, can be used as a cardiovascular drug. They maintained that some leading pharmaceutical companies that are into cardiovascular drug production have already shown interest in using the Pueraria lobata extract as a crude drug in cardiovascular medicines. The other names of the Puerarin extract are Kudzuvine extract, Kudzu root extract, and simply Puerarin, the owners of the herbal medicine research and production firm asserted.
The plant used for making this medicinal composition is Pueraria Lobata, which is also referred to as Kudzu. The producers have used kudzu root as a primary ingredient of the drug that can now be purchased through the website of Quality Herb. The owners said that kudzu root is a type of isoflavone that is obtained by extracting the components of wild kudzu roots.
According to them, the drug has myriad benefits, including improvement of microcirculation, dilution of the coronary artery, increase of bloodstream volume in coronary arteries, heart rate reduction, and myocardial oxygen intake reduction, among many others. “It works great in resisting thrombus and raising levels of lipoprotein. It is also very effective in reducing platelet accumulation, resisting vasospasm, and treating alcoholism. Basically, in clinics, the same drug is used for treating various diseases such as venous embolism of the retina, deafness, and myocardial and cardiac irregularities”, said a senior researcher from the Quality Herb laboratory in China.
“Puerarin is also laboratory tested and proven effective in relaxing muscles, clearing heat, thereby treating muscle pain and neck stiffness. It can provide adequate nourishment to the body fluids. It also vents out the rashes”, he added.
He also maintained that Puerarin can be very effective in treating diarrhea and dysentery. The China-based biopharmaceutical research institute is promoting the benefits of the Kudzu root extract through scientific journals and academic circles. The owners also promised that they would bring many more natural extracts to the public as they have always done since their inception in 2013.

Kudzu Root Extract