Quality Herb’s Icariin-Based Chinese Traditional Medicine Brings Back Sexual Desire in Middle-Aged Men

China, 26th April

Quality Herb, a 2013-born research institute engaged in the identification and development of natural herb-based medication, recently launched an Icariin-based Chinese traditional medicine for people who have a low sex drive. Also dubbed Horny Goat Weed Extract, the therapeutic medicine has Icariin as its active ingredient. The management of Quality Herb informed the press that it is also referred to as horny goat weed, yin yang Huo and barrenwort.

The researchers and developers informed us that they have used plant branches and leaves for making therapeutic medicine. Apart from Icariin, epimedium flavonoids have also been used as active ingredients in this medicine. The owners of Quality Herb said that the powder is brown in appearance and that they have used the grain alcohol extraction method for making this particular medicine. They also added that the horny goat weed is soluble in alcoholic drinks. However, they strictly recommended storing the medicine in a cool dry place.

“This particular solution can improve the function of the sexual glands. This regulates the secretion of endocrine. This also stimulates sensory movements. The icariin-based medicine strengthens the immune system of the people who take it regularly, thereby promoting vasodilation through the removal of blood stasis”, said a senior researcher associated with the Quality Herb Research Institute.
“This medicine is also effective in preventing premature aging and it improves metabolism, organism, and organic functions in people. It can regulate cardiovascular activities. Also, the medicine works perfectly in reducing hypertension. It also has anti-virus, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects”, added the researcher.

Quality Herb has been sourcing the rarest of the rare natural herbs from Dabieshan Mountain of China since its inception. The researcher said that they collect the herbs from pollution-free Chinese hinterlands and some of the herbs they use for composing their medicines can only be found in China. He also added that they have a GMP-standard production capacity and that their research and development team has been trying their best to find the best Chinese herbs, with the Icariin-based latest medicine being one of its latest innovations.

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