Do you find the name Eyebright interesting as many people do? If yes, then it is time for you to know it is not only good for your eyes. Though it is undeniable that it does help your eyes, its effect is not only limited to that organ. 

It is an herbal medicine that has been in use for the longest time. You can even find the Eyebright Extract Euphrasia Regelii Wettst in many eye drops or eye washes due to its anti-inflammatory properties. As compounds like tannins are found in this herb, it is majorly used in folk medicine to relieve the eye in case of inflammation.

v  Health Benefits

For the conditions like eyestrain and conjunctivitis, this herb is widely used. Besides this, there are other advantages it has to offer. For example, it can be an effective solution against allergies, coughs, earaches, headaches, colds, sore throat, and sinusitis. Here’s how it benefits in case of eye conditions.

·         Eyebright For Eye Conditions

This herb contains vitamins A, B, C, and E. These vitamins have eye-nourishing properties. In addition, the presence of zinc, copper, and selenium in the eyebright also makes it effective in keeping the lens and retina healthy. Even studies have proven that it is an effective treatment for conjunctivitis. It reduces the redness, swelling, and burning of the eye in this condition.

·         Allergies

With more than the help of its composition being tannins, studies have proven that it can help relieve irritation. Tannins are the astringent chemicals that can help in reducing the secretion of mucus. This results in the tissue being firm.

Quercetin is a flavonoid found in this miraculous herb that stops the release of histamines. Due to the presence of the photochemical, it is believed that this herb can help in relieving allergy symptoms.

v  Other Possible Benefits Of Eyebright Euphrasia Officinalis

Besides the two major benefits mentioned earlier, there is more to this herb. It can offer you the following benefits as well.

·         Support Skin Health

Who does not want to have good skin? For the same purpose, eyesight can be used. However, if you have been actively trying to keep your skin healthy, you must know about sun damage. This is because there are unstable molecules, known as free radicals, responsible for increasing cancer-causing cells in the body.

However, if you use Eyebright Extract in any form, it can help you reverse this damage. How? The herb seems to combat the radicals, thus reducing the caches of such a big disease. It is also effective against wrinkles.

·         Lower The Sugar Level In the Blood

Did you know that Eyebright Extract can be effective against diabetes? There has been research done on diabetic rats to prove just that. It reduced the blood sugar to a great level when as an extract. The data showed that the sugar level went down by 34 percent in a matter of two hours. 

The result it had shown left many people in a daze as previously it was thought of as an eye-relief herb. However, the rats that were not diabetic had shown no side effects. Thus, it can be safely stated that this herb can help a person bring down the blood sugar level in the body.

·         Soothing Against Cold And Cough

Soothing colds and coughs with Eyebright Extract is extremely popular and has been used for a long time. It can be effective against inflammation caused by to cold or sinus infection. However, backing it up with a study may not be possible, but it does contain anti-inflammatory agents.

·         Protect Your Liver

The liver is one of the vital organs in the body; thus, it needs extreme protection. There is a plant compound named aucubin, found in the eyebright. It can protect the liver from the damage caused by free radicals. It may also be effective in protecting the liver from certain viruses and toxins. Thus, including a small amount of Eyebright Extract can protect your liver from great damage.

·         Fight The Harmful Bacteria

Eyebright can effectively treat eye infections in humans. However, it is only possible due to its ability to fight against harmful bacteria. It has also been seen that it inhibits the growth of some specific bacteria that can cause damage to the body.

You can use this herb in any form to avail yourself of the benefits. It is available as tea, eye drops, or supplements.

Eyebright Benefit