Are you wondering what carnosic acid is? Are there any benefits one can avail of by using it? It has been proved by preclinical studies that carnosic acid is an antioxidant. In addition, it shows cytoprotective and neuroprotective effects and is present in rosemary.

So if you have ingested rosemary in any form, then you must have availed the benefits of this antioxidant. Usually, in many rosemary products, you can see Carnosic Acid powder as the main ingredient. Before everything, you should know what carnosic acid is used for.

Carnosic Acid Usage

Preclinical studies have shown that this acid can help in improving cognitive function. Generally, this benefit applies to everybody. There are also beliefs that it may be effective against some of the diseases like:

  • Cancer
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Brain injury
  • Neuropathic
  • Inflammation

Another factor that makes this acid so powerful is that it shares no similarity with any toxic food.

As carnosic acid is a major component of rosemary extract, it is also responsible for the benefits you can get from rosemary. Here are listed all the health advantages you would get if you use rosemary.

May Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Rosemary has been used to treat injuries and to make them heal faster. But did you know it may reduce the possibility of cancer? Yes, and it is possible because of the carnosic acid it contains. As this acid has a higher content of antioxidants, it is believed that it can slow down the growth of cancer-causing cells.

Even some studies claim that this substance can help slow down the growth of the tumor. So this acid is responsible for giving rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) its cancer-fighting abilities.

Support The Immune System

There can be nothing else more important than keeping the immune system healthy. Therefore, it is suggested that you should take rosemary to support the immune system. Because rosemary contains carnosic and rosmarinic acid, it is the best herb that can help you improve your immune system.

The Carnosic Acid powder contains antibacterial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Even the other type of acid found in rosemary has the same character as well. Thus, this pair can help you keep the immune system very healthy and working.

It also reduces the risk of many infections as the immune system gains the power to fight against the bacteria. Conversely, if the immune system is weak, then the person becomes more prone to diseases.

Reduction In Stress

The compounds present in the rosemary have the potential to help a person relieve their stress. Though the studies have not backed it, many preliminary studies claim this. Even the people who take this extract have claimed that their sleeping patterns have improved significantly.

There is also a possibility of it helping a person suffering from anxiety. So if you are a student, it is highly recommended that you take this miraculous herb in any form in your diet.

Improved Memory

Do you have a problem remembering things? Then you should include rosemary in your lifestyle to enhance it. Using the rosemary essential oil can be beneficial to remember to keep the knowledge fresh for a long period.

Even for older people, this oil seems to do wonders. You can even use it on the neck as a massager. Another way to inhale the scent of this oil is by using a diffuser. So if you feel low on your metal batter, this oil can function as a charger to replenish the energy.

For older people, Alzheimer’s disease is the most troubling. Unfortunately, there are not many natural remedies to slow down the growth of this disease. However, by using rosemary essential oil, it was seen that it could be a great help against this particular disease. It even slowed down the growth of this disease in the people who had taken it regularly in their diets.


To get the benefits of Carnosic Acid, you need to include rosemary in your daily life. You can use rosemary in any form you like, be it an herb or oil, to use it externally. However, you should consult a doctor before directly adding it to your diet, as it is no replacement for medical treatment. Carnosic Acid can help you along with the treatment, but you cannot take it as a substitute for the medical treatment.

Carnosic Acid