St. John’s Wort is a yellow flowering plant that is becoming more common due to its health benefits. This plant belongs to the Hpericascear family and is scientifically known as Hypericum. It was previously renowned for its beautiful hue, but now, all the attention has shifted toward its potential medicinal benefits.

Though it has been in use for the longest time, many people were unaware of its existence a couple of years ago. However, now the tables have turned, and it has been named one of the most effective herbs to treat symptoms of depression.

  • Health Benefits Of John’s Wort

The major health benefit of taking St. John’s Wort Extract Hypericum Perforatum is the positive change in the consumer’s mood. Such a change in mood can provide a person with some relief from depression. Researchers believe that this relief is due to the presence of hypericin and hyperforin. Both of these components are suspected to increase levels of specific brain cells, especially serotonin.

Besides depression, there are other things it can help treat or reduce the extent of suffering:

  • Anxiety
  • Symptoms related to menopause
  • PMS or premenstrual syndrome
  • SAD or seasonal affective disorder
  • Viral infection
  • Smoking cessation

St. John’s Wort Extract is converted into oil, which you can apply for skin conditions. One can directly use the oil on the skin to boost wound healing or treat skin conditions like eczema and hemorrhoids.

However, one needs to consult the doctor before directly adding this herb to the diet. The reason behind this is the minor side effects that few people have suffered. Though there is no guarantee of these symptoms, it doesn’t hurt to ask a professional about it.

You may have a mild upset stomach, or your mouth may become dry too soon. A few people had mild headaches or felt dizzy. In the case of sensitive skin, you must not apply it directly because it may lead to some allergic reaction.

  • The Available Forms Of John’s Wort

Since this herb Hypercins 0.3% BP USP is considered beneficial for humans, it is not limited to a single form. The St. John’s Wort Extract is used to make capsules and tablets that you can take in like any other medication. If you want to include it in the diet, it can be done through St. John’s Wort tea. Another way is to use the oil made from the extract or an oil-based lotion of this magical herb.

  • How Should You Take John’s Wort?

The dosage of this herb is different for both adults and children. However, here is how you should take it to ensure that it gives the maximum benefit of health without any side-effect.

  • For Children

Since children are in the growing stage, their bodies may actively react to the compounds. Thus, they cannot be given any herb even with medicinal properties without consulting a professional. However, the number of studies done on adults exceeds that of children. Still, some studies have made solid claims.

One such study states that St. John’s Wort Extract is an effective way to help children with mild to moderate depression. However, there is no standard dosage that can be given to every child. Depending on your child’s health condition, the doctor will specify the amount.

If you are giving a kid the herb, you must keep an eye on the symptoms. Generally, the kid’s body may show side effects like an upset stomach or allergic reaction. These are very mild symptoms that will not harm, but the child may feel comfortable for the time being.

  • For Adults

There are two ways in which an adult can use this herb. One is in the dried form, and the other is as St. John’s Wort Extract or tea. The following is the suggested amount:

  • The dry herb used in tablets or capsules is recommended to be taken three times each day. The quantity of each dose is 300 mg if you seek relief from mood disorders or mild depression. Generally, the capsules or tablets are taken with meals.
  • You can also use the liquid extract form or have St. John’s Wort tea. Again, a doctor will help you know the right dose for you.

Usually, you will start seeing results from 3 to 6 weeks after you start taking it.

St. John’s Wort