Fisetin is a natural compound present in several fruits like apples, onions, grapes, persimmons, strawberries, and cucumbers. It is a fruit-based flavonoid, which has shown extended health and lifespan. Researchers have supplemented the diet of mice with fisetin, and the health benefits, they found were surprising!

Cellular senescence is a process, has an active role in boosting aging and age-related complications. Senescent cells act like ‘tiny zombies’ present in your body that start to appear, as you age. They have an active contribution to the classic symptoms of the aging process i.e. frailty, weak immune system, and tissue dysfunction.

There are studies showing evidence that fisetin and curcumin sort polyphenols might be used for alleviating harmful senescent cells and related inflammation in the human body. It has also shown evidence in reducing the risk for cancerous diseases as well.

Proponents of fisetin

  1. Brain protection and mental health 
  • It is beneficial in boosting memory and learning ability. Studies have revealed that it increases the potential of the brain to have a strong memory.
  • Anxiety and depression have been shown to reduce as fisetin increases the level of noradrenaline and serotonin.
  • Prevention from many neurodegenerative diseases is possible. It includes Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, and Huntington’s disease which declined the physical function of the overall body.
  1. Heart and liver health 
  • It prevents the heart from oxidative stress and delays the abnormal thickening of the walls of the heart.
  • It reduces the building up of fats in the liver.
  1. Bone and skin benefits 
  • Estrogen helps to maintain healthy bones. After menopause, low levels of estrogen increase the risk of osteoporosis. Fisetin improved bone density and reduces the activity of bone degrading cells(osteoclasts).
  • For skin, it prevents the breakdown of collagen from UV exposure. As collagen provides elasticity and structure to the skin, there’s an overall chance to delay the aging process. It often relives eczema-related complications like redness, swelling, etc. So, why have steroid-related creams to treat your skin? When having an efficient dose of fisetin ensures you to be on the safer side.

Food sources 

  • Several fruits and vegetables contain a good amount of it. Food that contains the highest amount of fisetin are- Strawberries, Apples, Persimmons, Lotus root, Kiwi, etc.
  • The counts are considered as, micrograms of fisetin present per gram of freezes dried foods. Cucumbers and mangoes also contain fisetin but in comparatively lower amounts. The condition in which the fruit or vegetable has been grown, impacts the level of this compound.

How does it work? 

  1. It starts acting by increasing antioxidant defense.
  • It neutralizes the free radicals and increases the level of powerful antioxidants such as catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione.
  1. It blocks a pathway, which triggers the inflammatory response 
  • NF-kB tells genes to form an inflammatory response. An exceptional response of NF-kB is linked to cancer, autoimmune disease, and allergies. Inflammatory enzymes that are responsible for the degradation of fatty acids are blocked by fisetin instantly.
  • The activity of a hazardous group of enzymes is reduced by fisetin, that cancer needs to invade and destroy other tissues.
  1. It helps to remove waste and induce cellular metabolism 
  • Fisetin helps block mTOR’s pathway which does not allow the metabolic waste to leave the body and clean it up. An over-reactive mTOR’s activity is a sign of many serious health diseases. A few of them are –diabetes, obesity, and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Fisetin blocks this pathway and ensures the proper removal of waste and efficient cellular metabolism.
  • And here is the most interesting part- it is the blockage of the mTOR pathway only which is claimed to increase the overall lifespan of an organism. As, after the blocking of this pathway there happens a recycling process of damaged cellular components.

Fisetin dosage and supplements 

  • In a clinical study it has been found that, in colon cancer patients, a dosage of 100mg/day is effective in reducing inflammation
  • By looking at the excellent erect of fisetin on inflammation, frailty in the elderly, and bone health, a high dose of 20mg/kg for two regular days is recommended.

Point to be noted-  Some researchers have doubt, that it is poorly absorbed in the body when taken orally. But there is a simple solution to that also, you are advised to take it with fats. Fisetin is a fat-soluble compound. Fish oils and other oils may help to increase the bioavailability of some fats. So fat-soluble components like quercetin. Hence, they might do the identical for fisetin as well.

Users have normally reported advancement in mood, memory, and focus after taking fisetin dosages.