Garlic is an indispensable herb that protects against free radicals and toxins. It’s a herb that stretches all-around protection, especially against aging and other free radical-related negative effects. A huge amount of antioxidants is deposited in this herb. Garlic is closely related to other parsley kind of herbs. Many people consume fresh garlic cloves, but fresh garlic can cause heartburn and stomachache. Many types of research reveal that garlic extract has many important health-related benefits that help in living a healthy life.

Garlic Extract is odorless and has a higher amount of antioxidants which cleanses toxins. Antioxidants are also beneficial for boosting immunity and giving protection against cancer, aging, cardiovascular diseases, and drug toxicity.

Why should one consume garlic extract?

Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) is odorless and comes with a huge amount of health benefits like higher immunity, and protection against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and premature aging, and also works for maintaining a healthy balance in life.

How Garlic extract can be derived

Garlic extract can be produced by extracting aged and fresh garlic at room temperature for about 20 months. By storing the extracted liquid, the antioxidant level can be increased. By extraction process also stimulates some chain reactions and produces some advanced antioxidants that don’t become available without the extraction process. By extracting aged garlic higher levels of antioxidants can be derived.

Health Benefits of AGE

The first and most important health benefit of AGE is its antioxidant effects. Reactive oxygen species are toxic by-products of human metabolism. This ROS includes free radicals which cause numerous health problems in humans including weak immunity and premature aging. This ROS increases during any inflammation, exposure to environmental pollutants, sunlight, and radiation. ROS can bring multiple harms to human DNA structure and can create an extreme mutation in DNA which leads to a different kind of cancer. ROS also causes premature aging different intercellular inflammations and skin diseases.

Cancer prevention with AGE

Different cancers especially stomach cancer can be prevented by consuming AGE. AGE, as discussed earlier, can eradicate the bad effects of ROS. ROS is the byproduct of metabolism which increases the production of free radicals. This free radical causes numerous health issues in humans including premature aging and skin cancer and any other type of cancer as well. As with increased ROS and free radicals, the DNA structure can be mutated which will create complicated health problems even cancers. ROS is toxic if that keeps accumulating in your body, it can eventually lead to obesity and related issues like high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Now how AGE consumption can fight cancer?

  • With the above discussion, it’s evident that reduced ROS will automatically lead to a reduced risk for cancer. Many scientific studies have proved that consuming AGE is directly linked to a reduced chance of colon cancer. The Lowa Women’s study proved that women who regularly consume garlic have a 50% lower chance of distal colon cancer in contrast to those who don’t consume it.
  • Multiple studies have proved that frequent consumption of AGE is directly linked to a lower risk of Stomach and Esophageal cancer. Researchers have found that not only is this higher consumption of AGE but garlic or onion is also directly associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer.
  • Strong shreds of evidence are there that prove that regular consumption of garlic or AGE can reduce a higher risk of even pancreatic cancer.
  • While studies prove that AGE can positively reduce the chances of cancer there are other factors associated with the occurrence of cancer. Cancer is multistep means it develops step by step and research also proves that during the development of cancer consumption of garlic can even stop the development of cancer so that the patients get an extra period to treat that cancer.
  • Garlic and AGE also reduce the chances of memory gland-related inflammation. Different inflammation can be related to different kinds of cancerous formation in the breast. ABE can restrict cancerous formation in the breast in women.
  • Other than these cancerous formations AGE is also effective for reducing the side effects of anti-cancer drugs. AGE will reduce the side effects of drug intake. Drugs will create toxins and Age will eliminate all the toxins from the body.

Garlic Extract