What are some side effects of using Salidroside?

Salidroside is one type of tyrosol found in the plant Rhodiola Rosea. Researchers believe that this is one of the compounds that work like magic when it comes to depression. This herb creates anti-depressant and anxiolytic action and works like a wonder.

How is Salidroside?

This is a chemical substance that can be extracted from the Rhodiola Rosea Plant. Rosavin is one photochemical and is thought to be one of the main constituents that reduce the effect of depression and works best for mood-lifting. This Cinnamyl alcohol glycoside also has some anxiolytic effects.

A maximum number of Rhodiola supplements incorporates a specified percentage of Salidroside. The difference between percentages can have different effects.

It’s also known as “golden root” and works like a magic component for fat burning, energy enhancer, and mood-boosting. It helps the human body to adjust to various chemical, physical, and environmental stress busters. This highly effective herb grows at a high altitude in the Arctic regions of Eastern Europe and Asia.

Why is Rhodiola Rosea being used by so many people?

Rhodiola Rosea has become a very popular dietary supplement. This plant comes from the Crassulaceae family. This plant can be found in higher altitudes and is considered to be the accepted remedy for depression, stress, and anxiety. It also restores homeostasis. Recent researches show it also prevents cancer and inhibits the growth of any cancerous cell and tumors.

So for these multiple benefits, numerous people adopt Rhodiola. Rhodiola consists of Rosavin and Salidroside. And when it comes to working as an anti-depressant this extract works better than Rhodiola.

How to take the dosages?

The dosage typically consists of 3% rosavin and 1 % of salidroside. Using this supplement will increase the preventive capability against fatigue. Acute usage of this supplement will promote anti-stress and anti-fatigue.  The dosages must be taken with proper consideration of overdose and side effects. Typically functional dosages are 50mg to 2000mg. Some take small dosages and some take bigger doses for improved effects

Different side effects can be noticed from usages of Rhodiola

But at moderate dosages the side effects are nominal. Individuals who take dosages from 400 mg to 600 mg per day are more prone to severe side effects. High dosages are likely to generate more serious side effects and adverse effects.

What are some adverse effects of this extract?


Among adverse effects, some can be seen to different degrees in individuals depending on the dosages that have been taken by an individual. One of the most prominent adverse effects is agitation. Individuals who are taking high dosages of Rhodiola may become over-agitated and feel constant panic attacks. Other than agitation there are other side effects as well. Rhodiola Rosea supplementation is responsible for inducing agitation feeling.


Anxiety is one of the most prominent side effects of Rhodiola usage. Many consumers are complaining about the significant anxiolytic effect of the Rhodiola Rosea supplement. The increase in anxiety can vary. The anxiety can be transient and subside as an individual adapts to different effects of Rhodiola.

Blood pressure

Most people find that RhodiolaRoseainfluences blood circulatory problems. For specific individuals, supplementation may standardize blood circulation, yet among others, it could expand the situation can become hypertension. Rhodiola supplementation can control blood pressure.

Brain Fog

Rhodiola is best for the nootropic effect and for reinforcing psychological continuance; a few people find that it causes mind mist. This cerebrum mist diminishes the capacity to think unmistakably. This cerebrum mist might be because of increments in specific neurotransmitters.


There is some proof that Rhodiola inspires an energizer impact, in this way assisting with sadness. While many individuals have received the stimulation of Rhodiola, others find that it causes expanded depression. Understanding that an increase in depression could be fleeting. Rhodiola Rosea extract can influence depression.


It is feasible for direct as well as high measurements of Rhodiola to treat dizziness. If you are feeling dizziness, you might need to consider reducing your measurement or potentially ending supplementation. Dizziness

is an extremely basic symptom experienced with general supplements. Overdosing of this supplement can create some health-related obligations. The regular dosages should be as per the doctor’s prescription. People should avoid overdoses.