Silybin: the effective health supplements

Silymarin Silybin is a compound. It is found by extracting the milk from the thistle in a blessed way. This milk is a mixture of both flavonoids and lignans. The key constituent which is active in this mixture is silybin. In the earlier days, silybin had a different usage. It has been used as a tonic for the liver. Also, it has been used as a treatment to protect one from the symptoms of liver diseases. But in the modern age too, the use of silybin has a great impact on curing liver diseases. This ailment is one of the most important substances for human beings.

Silybin as a medicine for cancer

For many years botany has proved to be a great source of medicine. From brain to heart to liver to glands, the use of botany has been a proven one in curing and treating diseases. In the modern age too, their use has been supported by many modern researchers.

They also found the traditional way more useful in their uses. It has also come out of research that silybin has anti-cancer elements. Although it has flavonoids, the usage of this botanical part does not prevent it from curing cancer diseases. Still, there is a lot more research going on to give the more informative value of their uses in treating and preventing cancer germs from the body.

But there has been a problem. The problem is that the supplements that proved to have milk thistle as health supplements are ineffective in many cases. The problem is not with the supplements. After doing thorough research, researchers have found that the bioavailability is very low in silybin.


The term bioavailability, in this case, refers to the number of compounds present in silybin. The number is easily determined by the compound number which ends up in the bloodstream when it is taken verbally by one. After getting to know the number of compounds present in it, the result shows that silymarin has a low bioavailability compared with the other kinds of nutrients and extracts found in others.

Nutrients and extracts that are found to have low bioavailability are said to be degraded by the acid present in the stomach. With a profound capability of prevention and treatment, it is found that many compounds fail to do the right thing in the body.

The main reason is that the acid present in the body sometimes proves to be more powerful than the acid of the compound. To prevent the compounds from getting degraded, due to the acids present in the body, a way has been found by the manufacturers of the different kinds of supplements. They came up with the superb idea that if the supplements are taken in a combined way, they will provide the treatment in the correct way that has to be done. Otherwise, if taken separately, the compounds will fail to do the action.

A guideline for these supplements

A guideline is also provided to the common people for its usage. According to the guidelines, at first, the supplement should be provided with protection from stomach acids. The prevention is done by coating the supplement in the enteric. This enteric coating helps the supplement to get released in the upper intestine. The second one guides the appropriate use of the supplement. It follows that an appropriate combination of nutrients must be followed.

In the case of silybin, the combined supplement which is also an appropriate co-nutrient is lecithin and Phosphatidylcholine. It is advised that to prevent the supplement from bioavailability it has to be taken either with lecithin or with Phosphatidylcholine. The combination of these two supplements is ten times greater in strength and carries the power of a lipid which is found mainly in soy foods and also in other foods.

Silymarin is an ingredient. The main power factor of this ingredient is that it is used as a preventive. Many times we make the mistake of taking it as a treatment ingredient. Still, unlike other ingredients, it is also recommended for daily use to prevent various kinds of diseases rather than treatment.