The Zizyphus jujuba, popularly known as Chinese date, is said to have its roots in China. The red round fruit possesses a sweet flavor and has an edible skin. Its popularity in Chinese medicine is not recent as people have been using Zizyphus for the last thousand years. The fruit has a host of health benefits that have come to the forefront. Being a well-known source of natural anti-oxidants and having calming properties make it an essential item in your diet. The jujube fruit is a member of the Rhamnaceae family and can be obtained in supplement form. Get to know about the health benefits of Zizyphus jujuba given below.

Useful In Treating Anxiety and Insomnia

Anxiety and insomnia are two conditions that have had a detrimental effect on humans since ages. People who suffer from these conditions have to pay a visit to a health specialist to get some relief. Several studies have revealed that around one-third of the entire population have endured insomnia at some point or the other. Similarly, over 19 million people have to go through severe cases of anxiety. Jujubes can be of great help here. The fruit possesses compounds that boast of a sedative effect. Jujuboside A is a chemical that’s derived from jujubes. It has an impact on the brain’s hippocampus and is indispensable as a sleep aid. Jujubes are effective in treating anxiety and insomnia. The Chinese date extract is supposed to be a natural substitute to anxiolytics and sedatives that are prescribed by the physician.

Protects the Liver

A number of journals have furnished reports in the year 2009 that jujubes have certain benefits when it comes to the liver. Experts divulged that jujube shields the liver form injury by performing as an anti-oxidant. Oxidative stress is a procedure through which free radicals can harm the human body, bringing about aging as well as other deadly diseases such as cancer. The anti-oxidants present in Zizyphus prevent the free radicals and diminish their effects. Luckily, jujubes comprise chemical compounds that help the body combat oxidative damage.

Improves Immune Function

Anti-oxidants protect the human body from the negative impact of the free radicals. These free radicals come into contact with cells, damage the integral components, and boosts aging and diseases. Since jujubes have an optimum quantity of anti-oxidants, the Chinese dates can boost the immune system of the body and the overall health. According to researchers, the fruits have a strengthening effect and comprise good quantities of phytochemicals. Their nutritional content is quite impressive and also contains a good amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin C. Aside from these, Zizyphus jujuba also possesses vital minerals such as iron, calcium, manganese, and phosphorus. These elements work in tandem to promote general health and entire well-being of the human body, as well as strengthening the immune system.

Culinary Use

The freshly harvested Zizyphus and its dried form are often consumed as snack only, or with coffee. Smoked jujubes are used in Vietnam and are also called black jujubes. Sweetened tea syrup is produced in Korea and China. This syrup contains jujube fruit in glass jars as well jujube tea in tea bags. They are also used to make pickles especially in West Bengal in India and Bangladesh as well. Pieces of jujube fruit are known to be preserved by storing them in jars and that keeps the product fresh for a long period of time, especially in the winter season. Nearly ripe fruit is known to be harvested in countries like Taiwan and Vietnam and then sold in the local markets. A bulk quantity is exported to countries in South-east Asia. The dried form of Zizyphus Jujuba is used in many types of desserts in Vietnam and China. The most popular one among them is a cold beverage that comprises longan, dried jujube, barley, fresh seaweed, lotus seeds, and barley. In North and North-eastern India, the fruit is consumed fresh by people with salt and chilli flakes. Often, the fruit is also preserved as jam, candy, or pickle with spices and oil.

These were some well-known benefits of the Chinese date extract or Zizyphus Jujube. You can use this popular fruit the way you like. However, for medicinal purposes, consulting a physician or a health expert is also recommended.