Lutein is recognized as beta-carotene and is rich in Vitamin A. Foods like egg yolks, spinach, kale, corn, kiwi fruit, grapes, orange juice, broccoli, etc. contain Lutein naturally. Lutein is usually taken with a high-fat meal and it prevents getting eye diseases. It helps elderly people avoid loss of vision and thus you can now improve your way of life. It helps you to delay the formation of cataracts and thus you can get a clear vision. It makes you feel confident and you can comprehend the benefits of Lutein powder.

Knowing the Chemical Formation of Lutein

Pure Lutein takes the shape of a yellow-orange crystal and its chemical name is β,ε-carotene-3,3′-diol (C40H56O2).  It has carbon-dioxide conjugated double bonds and it helps in free electron movement. Hence, it easily absorbs sunlight and Lutein is naturally present in nature along with zeaxanthin. Also, Lutein is found in the esterified or non-esterified form along with the fatty acids. Because of the extreme yellow color, Lutein is also used as a natural food coloring substance. Lutein also comes up with several health benefits due to which it has gained good popularity nowadays.

Important Facts to Consider

Here you will find certain important facts you must consider before you start using the Lutein supplement:

  • Presently, microalgae are considered a good source of Lutein.
  • Lutein acts as an antioxidant and it comes up with manifold health benefits.
  • Lutein has low stability which it difficult to incorporate into food products.
  • Nanoemulsions can enhance the bioavailability of Lutein and thus you can find it easy to use.

It’s time to use Lutein powder in the right way and thus you can comprehend the benefits in real-time.

How does Lutein work?

Lutein is one of the carotenoids, which is present as a color pigment in the human eye. Now, Lutein safeguards the eye tissues from damage due to extreme sunlight. Hence, you can now move out freely knowing that your eyes are completely safe.

Knowing the Uses of Lutein Powder

Here are mentioned the uses of Lutein powder:

  • Taking
  • a Lutein supplement helps in reducing the deficiency of Lutein. Hence, your body functions well and you can gain confidence to go ahead.
  • Lutein helps in reducing age-related macular degeneration and thus you can improve your eyesight. It’s good to take the Lutein supplement for up to 36 months to see the results in real time. You need to consult a health care provider to know the dosage and the usual recommended dosage is more than 10mg. And you need to combine it with other carotenoid vitamins to get the best effects.
  • People taking higher amounts of Lutein have a lower risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It makes you feel confident and thus you can now explore a better way of life.
  • Lutein also helps in delaying cataracts and you need to take the supplement containing Lutein Once you start using the supplement you can get familiar with the best results and it makes you feel good.
  • This component also improves cardiovascular health and thus you can avoid any heart diseases. Oxidative stress, inflammation, and dyslipidemia give rise to heart complications. Lutein reduces oxidative stress helping you to get rid of all the worries.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin are the two main components found in human milk. Thus, it provides good nutrition to the infants helping them to grow. It helps in improving the infant’s brain functionalities and thus they would achieve success in life.

Taken as a whole, you can get a clear idea of the uses of the Lutein supplement and it’s time to get the genuine product. Make sure that you are taking the right dosage and thus you can now explore life in a new way.

Buying the Supplement Online

Now, it’s easy to buy the supplement online. First, you need to find a trusted place from where you can get the best product. And you must find the product details and the ingredients before making the final purchase. Once you feel confident you can place the order and you can start using the supplement to improve your overall health.

Once you start using the Lutein powder you can explore the results in real time.

Qherb Marigold extract specification:

Active Ingredient: Lutein
Specification: Lutein 2%-85%
Test Method: HPLC & UV

Active Ingredient: Zeaxanthin
Specification: Zeaxanthin 5%-80%
Test Method: HPLC & UV

Lutein Powder