To know the difference between lemon extract and lemon juice, one first should know about them. Lemon extract is a liquid with a strong and dense flavor of lemon and is made by soaking very thin slices of lemon in alcohol. Soaking makes the alcohol absorb all the important oils present in lemon peel, giving it a strong lemon flavor without getting any bad bitter taste from it.

However, lemon juice is much different from Citrus Limon Extract as it is made by squeezing fresh and juicy ripe lemons. This is somewhat different from lemon extract as it contains lemon`s bitter and acidic flavor and a faint flavor of lemon in it. People can easily buy lemon juice at their local baking store or online stores. It can be found alongside other citrus juices such as grapefruit juice or lime juice.

Differentiation based on their nature

Even though lemon extract, as well as lemon juice both, come from lemon, they have their different natures:

  • Acidic natural extract having a base of alcohol does not have much lemon acid and cannot curdle milk when both are mixed. However, lemon juice, on the other hand, has a high content of acid and can most likely curdle milk when combined with it.
  • Base form- lemon juice does not have a base and is just squeezed lemons combined with either water or some kind of preservative. Whereas, the Lemon extract has alcohol as its base, which absorbs the lemon`s flavor.
  • Making process-Citrus Limon Extract can be easily made by soaking lemon zests or peels in alcohol, which will absorb its flavor without inheriting its bitterness or acidic taste. Lemon juice can also be made very easily and takes a lot less time to make than lemon extract. One just has to squeeze a bunch of lemons and add either water or preservatives. Lemon juice has a strong acidic flavor and a high bitterness of lemon but has a faint lemon flavor in it.
  • Flavor- As mentioned earlier, the lemon extract has a strong flavor of lemon in it but without the taste of acid and bitterness in it. However, the same cannot be said for lemon juice as it is the opposite of lemon extract in terms of flavour. It has a strong acidic nature and a bitter taste of lemon but less of its flavor.

Separate benefits of citrus extract and lemon juice

Lemon extract has several health benefits in it as a study shows it can reduce the chance of cancer if taken in fruit and a plant-based diet. It can also strengthen and nourish a person`s hair, making them more strong and more beautiful, which is very commonly used in many hair products and skincare products. It can also help decrease the heart`s cholesterol level and prevent some heart diseases.

Lemon juice, on the other hand, is good for a person in other ways as it can recover a person`s stamina along with clearing skin. One can also strengthen their bones if one consumes lemon juice regularly, increasing a person`s dental health and preventing anemia or kidney stones. In addition, people generally drink lemon water when exercising as it refreshes them. Lemonade is also very common for people to drink in summer as it prevents dehydration and keeps them full of energy for the whole day.

Lemon extract can also be used in making cakes and desserts of lemon flavor as it is rich in lemon flavor without its bitterness or acidic nature. Lemon juice is also used in curdling milk and making some tart desserts or savory foods. Several people like savory food, and due to this some drink fresh lemon juice directly without any added water or preservatives in it.

Substitute for lemon juice

Lemon extract is arguably the closest and best substitute for lemon juice as it provides most of the same benefits and some additional ones. It also does not have the acidic nature and bitter flavor of lemon juice; instead, it has a strong lemon flavor. Consumption of Citrus Limon Extract can prevent some people from getting heart disease and decrease their cholesterol levels.

Citrus Limon Extract