This news reports that the American microalgae production company Kuehnle AgroSystems (referred to as KAS) has secured a $3 million Series A2 financing to accelerate the commercialization of its special process for producing natural astaxanthin. Unlike traditional production methods, KAS utilizes a unique process that involves fermenting algae using vinegar, rather than conventional open ponds or bioreactors. This new production process has the following characteristics:

  1. Rapid Growth Rate and High Density: By feeding the algae vinegar, the growth rate can be increased four to five times, achieving higher density.
  2. Closed Vertical Tank System: KAS’s process involves producing natural algal astaxanthin in closed vertical tank systems. Compared to traditional light-dependent production methods, this dark fermentation process reduces production costs by 90% and shortens production time from 4 to 6 weeks to 4 days. Additionally, it reduces the resource footprint (water, land, and energy) by 90%.
  3. Controllable and Reproducible Production Process: KAS’s standard fermentation equipment enables precise control over the algae’s feed, treatment, and product manufacturing process. This is crucial for ensuring quality control in future production of this raw material in different regions.

This innovative process makes the production of natural astaxanthin more efficient and environmentally friendly, with higher resource utilization rates and product purity. It holds promise for providing a better source of raw materials for human nutritional supplements.

Natural Astaxanthin