Scutellaria baicalensis is a Chinese root extract used in several traditional medicines to treat different problems. This herb is often used alone, whereas many times, it is used with other herbs in combination. Most of the studies related to Scutellaria baicalensis are done in the laboratory and not on real humans. However, lab tests have shown that it is a herb that can reduce inflammation and have antioxidant properties. Due to such properties, it is found that this medicine is prominent in dealing with cancer-producing cells.

Some of the compounds present in this herb can work opposite and may negatively affect human beings, but many studies have not been conducted related to the herb. Moreover, many safety tests are not done; therefore, the medicine’s effectiveness and benefits are not completely known. Here we will discuss the prominent benefits and side effects of the Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract Baicalin herb produced in China.

What Are The Several Uses Of This Medicinal Herb?

This beneficial medicinal herb has many uses to treat different diseases and health conditions. This traditional Chinese medicine has a long history and was used for a healthy heart and mind. Here we will discuss the most prominent benefits of the medicine.

  • Treat Arthritis

Some of the supplements and medicines containing Scutellaria baicalensis herb have been shown to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain. Individual results of the herb on arthritis are not known, but it shows great results when combined with some other supplements. Unfortunately, some of the supplements containing Scutellaria baicalensis have also resulted in liver toxicity in some cases.

  • Treat Cancer

Different extracts of this herb have been found to kill cancer cells in the body, but human research is pending in this field. Furthermore, this herb has not been treated alone on cancer cells, but it showed results when combined with other herbs and medicines. Therefore, one should not take the herb on their own Rather; they should ask a doctor and go with a suitable preference for treating cancer.

  • Treat Hepatitis

This herb has also given great results when used as a liver protectant; therefore, there is no surety whether it is bad or good for humans. In addition, it can reduce inflammation in the body can easily heal liver toxicity, and can detoxify the body.

Conditions To Avoid The Medicine:

  • Don’t Take It With Blood Thinners

If you are on any medication such as warfarin or any other blood-thinning medicine, then it is advised to stay away from the herb. Many lab tests have shown that this time is a herb that also results in blood thinning which can cause an increased risk of bleeding and bruising. Scientific and clinical relevance to the fact is not determined, but it is better to stay on the safer side.

  • Patients With High Cholesterol Problems

Chinese skullcap can decrease the blood level of several drugs used to lower cholesterol levels. Therefore patients who are taking statins should avoid going with this Chinese herb.

  • Don’t Combine It With Hormone Synthesis Medicines

Suppose you are taking any particular hormone synthesis medicine. In that case, it is either used for hormone synthesis or hormone breakdown, including estrogen and testosterone, which are not advised to combine with the Chinese herb. If combined with such drugs, it can have potential side effects, as a result of a laboratory test.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

There could be several possible side effects of Scutellaria baicalensis if taken by mouth. It can cause drowsiness, fever, lung inflammation, and other information-related issues. Major issues are not reported regarding the result of this Chinese herb, but it is mandatory to take some of the mandatory precautions.

  • Bleeding Disorders

This Chinese herb may slow down blood clotting, increasing the risk of bleeding and bruising in people who already have some bleeding disorders. Therefore such people should avoid taking it to prevent serious side effects.

  • Diabetes

Baikal skullcap can also affect most people’s blood sugar levels, but people with diabetes can get negative results with the herb. Therefore, if you are a diabetic patient, you should stay away from such herbs. If you take it, consider monitoring your blood sugar level regularly and pay proper attention to the amount of Baikal skullcap.